John Marsh
John Marsh

A Special Examining Board Created To Evaluate Rife's Research Program

By: John E. Marsh


NOTE: It was during the years of 1934 to approximately 1942 that Rife worked with the Doctors whose names appear on the Preface of this document. This is with the exception of Dr. Robert P. Stafford and Dr. Dale R. Berntson, both M.D.'s who have worked with John E. Marsh from 1957 to the present date.

A special research committee was created with Rife. These men were eminent Medical Doctors of research into human and animal diseases. This, at that time was in cooperation with the University of Southern California, North Western University, and other Institutions of like prominence.

The Chairman of this committee was Dr. Milbank Johnson, deceased in 1942, the Medical Director of the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company, and past President of the Southern California Auto Club. He was a Philanthropist to the University of I Southern California. His work with Rife dates from 1920 to 1942 and he was one of the main supporters and a guide. According to Rife, Dr. Milbank Johnson was indeed one of the finest Microscopist of that day.

Dr. Johnson brought men from Canada, England and the United States to help select the top medical doctors to work with Rife in this research. He was recognized as one of the best in the American Medical Association at that time. It was also at that time Rife couldn't get favorable cooperation from Morris Fishbein, the President of the American Medical Association.

According to Dr. Rife, if his research accomplishments were turned over to the American Medical Association, as they had requested, these accomplishments would be accepted as that in the name of the American Medical Association. Rife would not do this, making it bad for him in the eyes of the A.M.A. Fishbein, upon learning of this, black balled Rife in every way possible. Dr. Milbank Johnson, M. D. said that he refused the cold blooded aggression heaped upon Rife. From that time on, Rife was extremely bitter toward the A.M.A. under Fishbein. The document by the Franklin Institute was hidden and mistakable put into print and out on the market by accident, otherwise that literature would have been blackballed also, Rife said.

Johnson did help Rife considerably to plan his new laboratory in Point Lome, with the financial help of "Timken" the bearing magnet at that time. The laboratory was on Voltare Street, in Point Lorna, San Diego, California. The laboratory was a two storied reinforced concrete building, with 14 inch walls, earth quake proof, stability of springs supporting the floors to absorb the shocks. A vault of extreme strength to help Rife to achieve his microscopic research without any interference in any respect. Rife was a far sighted man. This structure was windowless, air conditioned and humidity controlled to one tenth of a percent. It was Johnson who organized this Special Committee at the University of Southern California to support Rife's work and to demonstrate cancer devitalization processes.

Johnson set up an eye clinic in Pasadena, California treating patients with cataracts, glaucoma and other diseases of the eyes, using Rife's modality for experimental purposes from 1935 to 1938. He had gotten much success regardless of the inaccuracy of those instruments of that time. Johnson wrote to Dr. Joseph Heitger stating he and another Medical Doctor had corrected some 32 cataract cases in 1936. These like all of the other favorable results had been ignored by the American Medical Association, and Joseph Heitger refused to give his testimony at a trial later experienced by some of this group, on mal-practice charges which were in error by the Superior Court of San Diego, California. In fact, the Judge refused to admit any of his testimony put into the records. It had been Dr. Yale, M. D. of San Diego, California who corrected this problem. Dr. Yale was one of this group at that time.

Johnson felt it was time to announce to the World the apparent successful method for the treatment of cancer, but each time he was blocked from doing this by some of his jealous colleagues. They felt it wasn't accurate enough for this announcement and they apparently succeeded in this blockage. Johnson did state in a letter to another doctor in Canada, name was not given, that he felt he had an answer to cancer, which he called preventative applications to the infected areas using Rife's modality.

Nothing at all came from this contact in Canada. You see, until this system could be correctly and accurately applied, any announcement would have been premature, which was this case.

Dr. O. C. Gruner, M. D. a pathologist at McGill University was sent a seven thousand dollar instrument to start an international collaborating group. Gruner then wrote back to Johnson stating organized resistance had become so great against electronic instruments and apparent quackery (this was 1939), that he had given it to a monk to use for spare parts for radios and

The committee that Johnson organized consisted of these following members.....

Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D., Chairman of the Board.

Dr. Rufus B. Van Klein Smidt, PhD., President of the University of Southern California.

Dr. George Dock, M.D., Pasadena, California.

Dr. Whalan Morrison, M.D., Chief Surgeon for the Santa Fe Railroad Corp.

Dr. H. G. Fisher, M.D., Children's Hospital of New York City, New York.

Dr. Karl Meyer, M.D., Director of the Hooper Foundation, University of California in San Fransicso, California.

Dr. Alvin G. Foord, M.D., Pathologist assigned to this Committee. Dr. Joseph Heitger, M.D., San Diego,

Dr. James B. Couche, M.D., San Diego, California.

Dr. O. C. Gruner, M.D., San Diego, California.

Dr. R. Berger, M.D., San Diego California.

Dr. Arthur I. Kendall, M.D., San Diego California.

Dr. Arthur Yale, M.D., San Diego, California.

Mr. Henry Seiner Laboratory Technician, San Diego, California.

Mr. Ben Cullen, Laboratory Supervisor, to the Committee.

Miss Alice Kendall, Laboratory Technician.

Mrs. Agnes Bering, Laboratory Technician.

Mr. Vernon Thompson, Electronic Engineer.

Mr. Philip Hoyland, Electronic Engineer.

Dr. Karl Meyer, M.D. Pathologist and former director of the Hooper Foundation was also a member of a special group in medical research practicing at the University of Southern California and did collaborate with Rife's discoveries along with Dr. Ernest Lynwood Walker, M.D. These men worked on the research of bacteria in the soil, also rat and human leprosy. They had proven, according to Rife, that an isolated virus was identical in all three conditions. It was my understanding upon the completion of this research which included cancer and leprosy, Meyer fired Walker for getting too close to what was supposedly the truth. Walker as well as all these other men in research at that time is now deceased. Walker was with Rife from 1933 to 1937, according to the records. According to Meyer's statements, he felt Rife's Laboratory was far superior to the Hooper Foundation in San Francisco, California. Yet at a later date in 1959 he was contacted by us to verify his knowledge of this work with Rife, which was quite extensive. In fact, he wrote to the State Board of Health and Welfare, through an agent, stating he vaguely remembered Rife but said nothing about the Ray Tube or instruments, mentioned nothing about the past successful results at the University of Southern California or anything about the La Jolla Clinic research and case histories on many of the diseases killing humans as of this date. Rife personally told this author that Dr. Meyer had personally observed this successful research. Is it not odd that such research must go un- recognized when so many eminent and responsible people had witnessed it personally but insist on ignoring the truth of it or the facts that surround it?

At this point, it is not hard to visualize the reluctance of these Medical Doctors in admitting what they have seen. This energy force was only understandable by those encased in the knowledge of vibrations and their relationship to the resonations of the chemical constituents of the micro-organism, this being extremely out of their field of medical medicine. Rife told me that the medical profession had, at that time, completely ignored any means of aiding the ill with anything other than that, of which they had been trained to use. All else was to be given no credence whatsoever. As you know, at that specific time the general use of drugs, chemicals, powders, pills, capsules, X-ray, radium, isotopes, cobalt, gamma, ultra-violet, infra-red and other types of applications were and are now common. Electronics in the use for medicine as such was taboo; too little known about it.

This was understandable since Medical Doctors were not required to be electronically trained nor were the electronically trained engineers trained in medicine. Therefore it stands to reason why the field of "Electro-Magnetic Force Field Energy" was not used or recognized as a helpful means to end these devastating diseases.

It was understood that Rife and his group of doctors and technicians did not have the accuracy built into their instruments that should have been. The required critical frequencies to do the work of devitalization were transmitted without the close tolerances and accuracy that was necessary. The distance of transmitted frequencies was too short to be effective as they should be. Today, this has been corrected accurately with the updated and accurate technology we have which erases the doubt Rife had in his colleagues in his day years ago. However, much credit should be given Rife for his tireless efforts to try to find the cause of death by disease.

The following pages will give you some light on the Medical men who worked with Rife.

Arthur I. Kendall, M. D. (deceased in 1959). An invaluable asset to Rife in his research. A Professor of Bacteriology at the Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. The author of a university text called "Bacteriology". He had it published in many medical articles on the use of the "K" media, and "Filterable Forms". These were jointly written in articles in California and Western Medicine magazines. Also an article jointly written called "Isolation of Virus of Bacillus Typhosis" with Rife. They have been together and in separate functional activities from 1930 to 1938. Kendall created the "media" made of desiccated pig-gut upon which cancer and other death dealing virus could be grown.
The results were observed and recorded on cancer and many other diseases. He had worked with Rife in his laboratory and had observed Rife in his research methods. This was done in La Jolla, California in 1934, according to Rife's statements to me personally.

In this same year Mr. Thomas Knight had a carcinoma on his face that was the size of a small hen's egg. According to Rife's statement to me, this growth was greatly affected by Rife's electronic instrument regardless of its accuracy, using Dr. Arthur I. Kendall's "K" media. This was verified by a number of colleagues of Rife, in his laboratory. A copy of this statement went to the Director of Public Health; Dr. Malcolm Merrill, M.D. in which he acknowledged this was of no importance what-so-ever, that the man could have gotten well without this therapy.

Rife told me that Dr. Arthur I. Kendall, M.D. was thoroughly disgusted and over-wrought with the apathy of the California Medical Groups. He had given up in disgust and went to Mexico, retiring on his large spacious Ranchero. After twenty years of retirement he lost this beautiful ranchero with many financial difficulties, thus he did return to La Jolla where he had lived before going to Mexico and lived with his daughter.

I have personally visited with this great humanitarian who had become so embittered as well as extremely disillusioned because the lack of these Medical Groups interest to even want to check out his research to see if it was right or wrong. They just bluntly refused to listen to him, he told me, and he died a very unhappy man.

He did talk extensively about Rife's work with me and, of course, I personally spent eight years working with Rife also to gain knowledge of this work as well as to find out why these Medical Groups would not do anything about it. He also had contacted the Public Health Department, telling them of Rife's microscope only, which they ignored.

According to Rife, Kendall, like the others would not associate with him due to the harassment they got from these Medical Groups and a possible threatened prison term which they were very capable of getting whether it was right or not. Justice seemed to be avoided in this matter.

Kendall died as did his son-in-law and his wife all within a short period of time in 1959 leaving a daughter, Alice Kendall, after which she went to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This closed the Kendall relationship with Rife.

Rufus B. von KleinSmid, former President and Chancellor of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California revealed he had heard and remembered the committee set up by Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D. in 1934 for Rife, and the microscopes designed and built by Rife that demonstrated their value for termination of the virus and color of the chemical constituents in them. He said he had attended a big dinner in Rife's honor which Dr. Arthur I. Kendall attended at the home of Dr. Milbank Johnson, M. D. in Pasadena, California. Some 45 medical doctors and other learned men in the science of bacteriology were there, most of whom later denied they even knew Rife. This was in 1931.

Alvin G. Foord, M.D., Pathologist at the Pasadena General Hospital and former President of the American Society of Pathologists served on Rife's original committee set up by Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D. in 1934. Rife claimed to me that Foord refused to admit any connection with the clinical research as well as the committee set up by Johnson. In fact, Foord said one of Rife's small microscopes had been taken to California Technology Institute. It was examined to find no special features in its operation and/or result of its use. Johnson had been a tyrant in his day, it was said. Johnson did admit Foord did use Rife's system and had gotten favorable results on some cases. Rife said his purpose of inviting Foord into his committee was to have an expert to honestly evaluate Rife's work. Therefore, Foord had been psychologically hurt by Johnson's actions toward him.

James B. Couche, M.D., Physician, Surgeon and Pharmacist, died in 1959. He was an old country type doctor with English background, serving also as a general practitioner in the U.S. Army in Texas and a Transport Surgeon until 1918. He had graduated from the Toronto University and practiced in Oregon for many years as well as in England. After World War Two [World War One] he and his family moved to San Diego, California and set up his practice there. In a while he heard about Rife and his research on micro-organisms which involved animal experiments in Rife's clinic in La Jolla, California in 1934. He visited this clinic and was astounded at what he had seen and learned of this fabulous research progress.

Dr. Couche, M.D., told me at one time, about a man who carne into the County Hospital in the last stages of terminal cancer, describing him as a bag of skin and bones. He had put his hand on the man's stomach and felt the hardest mass he had ever encountered in his medical practice. It felt like the shape of a human heart, and as far as he could determine, there was nothing he could do about it therapeutically. However, after a series of treatments given by Rife's system, the man had completely recovered and drove to his home in El Centro, California. Dr. Couche recalled that he had a number of cases like this that were all incredibly helped, to what extent was not told me other than they were helped greatly.

Couche was one of Rife's most important supporters of this modality. He, himself had used this system on literally thousands of cases of all types with much success for most of them. He, like all of the others, were removed from the American Medical Society of Southern California for what they termed this research as unauthorized and unqualified practice. The San Diego, California County Medical Association promptly discredited Couche and forbade his membership into that organization. He said, also, that he had felt Medical Political Groups at that time would never allow this modality to exist where it would infringe upon their drug syndicate. They were not, according to Couche, interested inelectronics nor believed it would do what Couche and Rife propounded, and/or Johnson.

Their whole group was promptly black-balled from any medical groups from that time on, Couche said. He had also been very active in the Beam Ray Corporation headed by Rife's group along with Dr. Yale who had been president, from 1936 to 1939. Couche had made frequent trips to England to visit with Dr. B. Winter Gonin, M.D. and became jealous of Gonin and refused to see him when Gonin came to San Diego, California to visit us. Gonin visited with Couche's wife to share some interesting experiences with our group in 1956.

It had appeared from this date of 1938 most of these medical practitioners of note destroyed their records or had them taken by the Federal Drug Administration agents upon search and seizure. This also involved an arrest of Rife and his group who had formed the Beam Ray Corporation. This trial, brought on by the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. lasted a full year thoroughly financially breaking every one. In liquidating what assets remained after the long costly trial, Rife sold one instrument to Dr. Charles Tully, D.D.S. of Point Lorna, California in 1952 [Dr. Tully said he purchased his machine from Dr. Couche not Dr. Rife].  William Yost, a friend of Tully helped to set up a laboratory in Tully's home at the corner of Guizot and 4491 Santa Cruz Avenue in Ocean Beach, California. Yost had acquired a lot of Rife's laboratory equipment through various trades with Rife for jewelry. Yost was a jeweler in San Diego, California. Yost also lived in Ocean Beach, California, later working as a jeweler at Jessops Jewelry Store in San Diego, California. Among the various pieces of Rife's equipment which Yost had was the Number Two Virus Microscope which later became damaged in a fire plus thousands of feet of Rife's film, taken of the life cycles of many different micro-organisms. Tragedy surrounded Rife and his colleagues throughout the whole research program, nearly in every direction. Dr. Couches daughter, Agnes, was trained as a laboratory technician and had observed Rife's devitalization processes with the electronic devices which he had at that time. Later she turned her attention to a La Jolla, California Clinic and then started a laboratory service of her own for medical doctors in that area. She married Samuel Boring, an optometrist in the Bank of America Building in 1934.

Another instrument was sold to a man in Canada, name not known. Dr. James B. Couche died in 1959. The destruction of Rife's work went on as well as his research. With insurmountable obstacles, Rife tried to regain his mental strength without success and his work gradually went on the down-grade.

Henry Seiner, Rife's laboratory technician, Vice President of the San Diego, California Paint and Glass Company had been trained by Rife to operate the virus microscope and worked diligently with Rife from 1931 through 1941. He was sent to demonstrate the use of the virus microscope to Dr. B. Winter Gonin, M.D., member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, on the outskirts of London, England. Gonin had great respect for Rife and anyone who had worked with, not against Rife. Seiner isolated the hoof and mouth disease where it could be therapeutically controlled while he was in England. His wife went with him in 1940, working in Gonin's laboratory and returning to the United States in 1942 because of World War II. Siner spent the largest portion of a year with Gonin, who with Rife and Seiner helped to finance the Due to his respect for Rife he brought back the number 4 virus microscope. The number 5 virus microscope was leased to Gonin for one dollar to avoid international taxes. Seiner, like many other associates of Rife became very close mouthed while in England and would not discuss the work with anyone, a very peculiar act on his part even to Rife. It appeared as though he had either been paid or threatened to keep silent on this research. He offered his cooperation but refused to give it when, in reality, his position in all of it was due to Rife and Gonin. When Rife offered to help him to learn a very worthy and fine trade, Seiner was nothing more than a high school graduate with no academic education in research of this kind.

R. T. Hamer, M.D. became one of Dr. James B. Couches friends when he was relieved from a severe sinus infection after which he became very interested in Rife's work. Hamer was the Assistant Superintendent of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium in National City, California, in 1935. Couche told me he had given Hamer an instrument to put into that institution for research purposes. He had extreme success with colitis cases from which most of them had recovered in a very short time.

The Medical Doctors whose patients were at this Sanitarium became so incensed because Rife's equipment was at that institution and threatened to remove their patients if Rife's equipment was not removed immediately. Hamer left that Institution shortly thereafter opening a Clinic of his own in National City, California. Ben Cullen, one of Rife's friends said to me that Hamer had much success with this modality running as many as 40 patients a day with it. Most of these cases were various types of cancer, syphilis, tuberculosis, colitis, and many lesser diseases. He was extremely happy at the success he was having and [a patient of his] went to Chicago to visit Morris Fishbein, then President [he was Editor not President] of the American Medical Society. Immediately thereafter, Fishbein sent Attorney Sapiro to San Diego, California to fight the Beam Ray Corporation. Hamer was forced out of his Clinic and went to work at the St. Helena, Montana Sanitarium. He was also forced to ignore Rife completely or lose his status in medical practice.

Joseph Heitger, M.D., a famous eye doctor at this time, a good friend of Dr. Milbank Johnson, worked 32 cases [It was Dr. Johnson who worked the cataract cases. Heitger was fully informed about the cases and had records of this clinic] of cataract after which all got well, according to Rife. One of Dr. Heitger's colleagues, a medical doctor who worked with him in Pasadena, California had all of Heitger's clinical records, according to their son who had taken them. Complete research was in this group of data and could be found if needed. Heitger got a lot of favorable demonstrations with Rife's equipment in 1934 confirming Rife's work and discoveries. In fact, he had made Rife a pair of special glasses, since Rife spent so many hundreds of hours using the microscopes. Rife told me that Heitger dropped out of sight after being harassed by the Medical Groups like all of the others had been treated.

Dr. Arthur Yale, M.D., Director of the Yale Foundation in San Diego, California died in 1959. Rife met Yale through Yale's brother-in-law who at that time controlled the Vice Department of the San Diego, California Police Department working jointly with the Mayor, according to Rife's statement to me. He had worked in this department from 1910 through 1935. Yale was the medical doctor who examined all that area's prostitutes and had started using Rife's equipment in the fight against venereal diseases. This had proven very successful, according to Rife. The District Attorney’s wife had a terminal cancer but after a series of treatments got well. Yale deviated from Rife's equipment stating it was not accurate enough for him and so continued using shots of drugs that was said to be detrimental to his patients and several died from them. With this knowledge Rife was forced to drop Yale from his group as Yale presented a severe dangerous problem to Rife's work. However because the wife of the District Attorney got well, no charges were pressed against Rife or Yale. Yale bought one of Rife's instruments from the Beam Ray Corporation to use in 1936. He painted a sign on the side of the Clinic where he worked "The Rife Ray" after which Rife asked him to remove the sign. Yale then bought 50 [he bought 5 instruments] instruments from the Beam Ray Corporation to use in 1936, scattering them among the medical doctors through-out the United States which had accounted for many publicized statement such as "How people got well without further care, by themselves". Father Williams from Ocean Beach, California stated that Yale had treated some 25,000 patients for many varied diseases big and small, very successfully and completely ignored the antagonism from his colleagues. Later on, however, he was forced completely out of business by the Federal Drug Administration and A.M.A.


This first section of clinical research by Rife and his group is now past history. Many men other than Rife had the desire to find an answer to cancer and many other, still, incurable diseases, only to be squashed by the Federal Drug Administration as well as the American Medical Association. This was not so much because they do not want to find these answers but demand that these new systems and devices be what they are claimed to be. Many quackery devices have emerged upon the scene that have destroyed the devices that are not, nor ever have been, quackery. The innocent suffer because of the guilty. In the case of Rife who bordered on the truth, there was very little help without jealousy, hatred, greed even among his own group.

Rife did find many truths in this research. These truths have made it possible for me to carry on his ideas and thoughts on this research subject. Where he had failed in the accuracy of his system, we have corrected it. We also need a hearing on it by those who have squashed it in his case. These inaccuracies were primarily due to inadequate electronic components. Today’s technology has given to us these accurate parts. The space programs have aided us a great deal with miniaturization. The small units can do as much now as the gigantic instruments were supposed to do in yester-year. In the many years I personally knew Rife and many of his group, his integrity and desire was genuine. Too many times the misunderstanding and disbelief was very understandable because of the size and scope of this project. It was my belief his group was more interested in the monetary results than the healing, happiness and the prolongation of life. All of this group who had worked with Rife, I believe, are now deceased.

These following sections will carry the many other phases of research which will enlighten you as to the heartaches that have perplexed everyone who had anything to do with this research. Read it with the understanding all of those who were and are now involved with this form of modality are not perfect, nor do they make any claims other than further research will prove to the world the factual truth of it.

John E. Marsh
Research Director

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