Dr. Rife and Ben Cullen
Dr. Rife and Ben Cullen



Ben Cullen talk's about Dr. Rife at the "First International Convention of the Rife Virus Microscope," May 7th, 1960

This talk by Ben Cullen was transcribed from the original recordings.
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1. John Crane: as we go on here we are going to skip the second phase of the program for the moment and I want to introduce an old scientist. A man who has worked with Dr. Rife since 1913 and he is also a professor of machinery, all types of mechanisms. He is in himself truly a great scientist and has worked very hard with Rife and other ventures and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to bring to you today, our old friend, Ben Cullen.

2. Ben Cullen: am I to address you as Mr. President, Sir?

3. John Crane: no, just John.

4. Ben Cullen: then I'm going to call you my good friend, John. And the gentleman over here?

5. John Marsh: John marsh.

6. Ben Cullen: so we have John number one and John number two and to all you lovely friends, happy to meet you all. That build-up was more than I should have had because while I have delved into many fields in my lifetime and while the Navy did call me Professor over at the Naval Air Station, actually I never did receive any degrees from any college in regard to any professorships of any sort. I would prefer to be called just plain Ben Cullen. So with that introduction I’d like to proceed.

A. This movement seems to be one of profound importance. It appears to be one that can in the days to come have a tremendous impact on the health of everyone in the nation, not just in San Diego. And because of this seeming development now and the appearance now of the amount of space work which has been done by our good friend, John Crane, it has appeared to me to be quite important that some information be broadcast as to what actually happened to produce the things which you see around here now.

B. In 1913, I had the pleasure of meeting this man Dr. Roy Rife and at that time he was not engaged, to lately, as I thought in the problem of developing microscopes. And the knowledge of microscopy for me was one, well; I presume I would know quite a good deal of it if it was all written on a postage stamp in big letters. Consequently it was all a new thing to me, but in this contact with my good friend, Roy Rife, I became acquainted with the man who first, last and always was a man of tremendous capabilities, much more than appeared at the first meeting. This being something which was quite surprising to me, I found everything he did from the act of driving an automobile on through to his playing of the wind instruments and even string instruments of various types on into his development of small aviation engines, so small that the big liberty 12 cylinder liberty engine was no longer than about 8 inches. He built it so that it would run and operate just exactly like its "big daddy", the liberty engine. The same went on through with all of his work. Whenever he built anything it had to be to the nth degree of perfection until at the time when I came to realize that he was going into what we now know as bacteriology and microscopy in earnest. I fully realized then that the man's ability to do things with absolute precision and perfection was a very, very valuable thing.

C. Now, Dr. Rife, during his development of the Rife microscope which we see over there on the right-hand side and during his research on bacteriology, which was very extensive, Dr. Rife was more or less helped financially by the Timken Roller-bearing interests and sister of Mr. H. H. Timken, Mrs. Amelia C. Bridges. They established up on the Bridges’ estate, up on Point Loma which has now been cut up into and subdivided into lots and is now pretty well built over so it can’t be recognized for its original appearance. He built a very fine laboratory there and this laboratory was most complete, so much so that there was about $1,250,000 worth of equipment in it at the last assessment that I recall made by the County Assessor's Office. This however, was naturally broken down into equipment which he had built himself. Well, they figured it would definitely be a very high value because of his work and because it was nonprofit. I don't recall that he had to pay a great deal of tax.

D. Rife experimented with his different sized microscopes as he developed his knowledge of the various filterable forms which we now know as viruses. These filterable forms passed through the most finely developed porcelain filters. In fact, the porosity of these filters is so low that in order to get these liquids to go through these filters a vacuum has to be used to extract the liquid or to draw the liquid through. And you can imagine that after these liquids have passed through these fine filters, it must be pretty clear. Yet, in spite of this, whenever a development of any particular bacterium, or let's go back now into the statement I made first, the filterable form, was required even after passing through these filters. The virility and potency of these alterable forms remained, and potency was always established by his microscopes. Now Rife started in to use, first, a magnification of approximately 5000 diameters. Now to make an analysis between this, not diameters, but to get some idea of what 5000 diameters magnification means let us consider that the average doctor or the average medical center where they do happen to possess a microscope, it magnifies up to and not exceeding 1800 diameters. That means not even 2000 diameters magnification. If any doctor, working his microscope tries to go beyond that point with his ordinary single-tube microscope, he definitely produces a field, looking at the thing, it starts to blur from the outside periphery and gradually blurs into the center. Now the clergy of the American Medical Association would call that spherical aberration, but to you and me it is just a cloudiness or a blurring condition starting from the periphery and going into the center, which would indicate that the maximum power that they could use was approximately 1800 diameters magnification.

E. Dr. Rife first worked with diameters of approximately 5000. Then he developed a 10,000 diameter magnification and finally went on up into 52,000 diameters magnification in that particular microscope over there. We call that a Universal Microscope, that one there can definitely give a picture from several angles even while you look at it through the oculars. You can look down through and as you see this filterable form floating around in its media you can see it from different angles. You can calibrate its height and you can see what it looks like from a slit illumination, from dark field illumination, from chromatic light and so forth. Now these are all terms which are all foreign to you and I don't intend to use any more than I can help of that type of term because first, I'm not a gifted orator; I don't know much about this business, especially in bacteriology and the third one should never be friends with the words “over the head" like this. I will say this though, that this monochromatic light means simply a single separated ray of light which vibrates a certain amount. For instance if you want a perfect pink or you want a shade of the pink into the blues or any other colors you still can maintain one single perfect color because you just divided into infinitesimal changes of shade of color. Mono means shade and chrome means color, of course. So monochromatic means a single shade of color.

F. Since it was found that the viruses which went through these filters, I spoke to you about, were so small that it was impossible to make it so you could see them in the microscope unless you had some sort of dye to color them with which would not be as big as the molecules of color in the ordinary dyes. So it was one big development for Rife to discover a method to color, permanently, identify in color, these filterable forms such as the polio virus, the different viruses of carcinoma and sarcoma which means cancer of different types and other types of filterable forms such as the T.B. virus [tuberculosis]. Now, as you look at this light around here, you realize that the light is brought to you because of vibration. Everything you look at, touch, feel, taste and smell is vibration. In other words, it holds its shape, color, odor, or so forth by vibration. Since that is true (that can be demonstrated and you can learn that from any books in the library) then it was found that even these filterable forms have their own vibratory rates. Therein lies a very interesting story. But I don't want to deviate for a moment. This fact that the filterable forms definitely vibrate at their own initial speeds. And they never change this vibratory rate, unless they change their character and then of course they wouldn't be the viruses which they are called. These vibration rates definitely are in the high, very high realms of vibration in the color band, so when it was found that these filterable forms vibrated so high then it was another step, not too heavy a step, to figure out a way to color these with light. So, to the extent that it was possible to proceed with this wonderful brain of Dr. Rife’s, he developed the monochromatic beam system. He took an ordinary 21 candlepower light globe which is lit up by 6 volts of power and raised the voltage of that to 18 volts and in doing so was able to develop a pure white light. Then he took that light and passed it through, we’ll say, 8 removers, by way of making it simple and then he passed it on through suitable reflector lenses to have the beam travel from a horizontal position to a vertical position. Then he passed it through these prisms, these light prisms. Now, he can adjust these prisms to a very, very fine degree of precision in such a way as to change them only one quarter to one half of a light ray at a time. As a consequence, he was able to divide the white light up into an infinitely marvelous variety of color, from one end of the spectrum clear on to the other. Then all of the colors which you can imagine, plus every known division of each individual color. So when he was able to build this microscope to a point that he could turn the color onto these viruses, we'll say he had the virus of ordinary carcinoma, a superficial skin carcinoma, we won't call it by any other name for the moment, we'll say that the virus vibrated at a given rate and he wanted to color it. He would adjust his lens until the exact light beam, which vibrated at a certain color, was synonymous to the light or the vibration of the virus and the moment they hit the right vibration, the virus would glow a brilliant color. If it was a turquoise blue or a brilliant pink or whatever it may be, or a ruby red, it would glow that color and as soon as he knew the settings on his microscope, he could always go back and find that type of virus as soon as he knew the vibratory rate at which it was operating in light.

G. Now, all of us here in this room are suffering from colds, coughs, tuberculosis, cancer of all kinds, polio, leprosy, and everything else under the sun. You may say to me, "Say, that man is touched in the head" but here is the reason why you don't actually feel these things. You are at this moment very wonderfully protected. You have all these potent forms in your system, but because of your normal condition of health they can never gain a foothold to create a condition in your body which would be unpleasant to you. These viruses and these bacterium, each of them, do not affect you and as long as we keep a normal balance in our bodies and also keep a nice even frame of mind and don't back-bite our neighbors, or gulp strongly on the dissipations of life. We then keep a nice healthy body and that keeps the propagation of these bugs in our systems to a minimum. As long as they are maintained at a minimum, we never have to go to a doctor or go to the hospital. But there are some of us who for some reason or another develop these conditions, or in other words we place our bodies in such a condition that these viruses, these diseases take effect. And when they do take effect it is a very important thing that something should be developed in this world which can reach to the very bottom of a disease condition, diseased tissue, or whatever you may wish to call it and eradicate these bugs or reduce them to a condition where they do not bother us anymore. This was the thing that Dr. Rife set out to do. The fact is, had it not been for certain very, very unpleasant circumstances, Dr. Rife would've had an arrangement with KFI or KFSD (Radio stations) where he would have been broadcasting out over quite a large radius from each broadcasting station the rays which are responsible for eradicating these various viruses, which we now know as being "killing" viruses. Just imagine as you walked around shopping downtown, or out in the street, you would receive the rays of this wonderful current and if you had a little blemish on your face that looked like incipient cancer and if you went to your doctor and he said, "You'd better have a biopsy of this" which means chop a piece off of it and throw it under the microscope and then the various test media in the laboratory to see if you're suffering from cancer. Then walking around you would receive a healing ray, which is akin to some of the most magnificent rays that were ever sent to this Earth plane by our Creator.

H. I happen to be a little bit religious, so if I happen to get a shade long, reserve a spot outside for me and kick my shins as I go by, but I promise you it won't be anything that will upset you. However, none of us put ourselves here, we can agree on that. We also know that we have free will. We have free will to dissipate in any way we want. We can stay up all night and play cards until the wee small hours of the morning. We can drink until we find ourselves under the table tomorrow. We can smoke until we cannot possibly breathe any more fresh air, until the lungs fail to play their part and incidentally, those lungs were put in our bodies to do something and that is to purify our blood stream. In purifying our blood stream, our blood makes it possible for us to keep a well body and because it goes to our heart, strengthens our heart muscles, it goes to our eyes and keeps our eyes strong, it goes to every portion of the body and as long as we keep a healthy blood stream we definitely do not suffer the consequences of our acts. Now, it happens that we have to sleep at least eight hours a day, or most of us should if we don't and it is during that time that the average inveterate smoker (and I'm not trying to cure anyone of you ladies and gentlemen from smoking) is forced to breathe fresh air. And ladies and gentlemen, when you go outside to breathe a breath of fresh air and inhale smoke, you are not breathing fresh air. Don't let any cigarette man tell you there is less tar resin, alcohols and so forth in his cigarettes as regards to another one. You tell him it's just bunk and hogwash because as long as there is smoke there is tar. Any person with an ounce of common sense in their heads would know that, so don't let them worry you about one being better than another. If you like one cigarette, stick to that one. Don't change because you'll get the same thing in another cigarette anyway. I didn't intend to get in on the cigarette situation but it happens to be that we are our own keepers. We have this free will that not even God transgresses. He has never taken free will from man so we have to go through this life learning our lessons until we find out the best way to live. Now, because of the fact that we make these mistakes in life, we are finally forced to realize that we are suffering from something or other, which we didn't suffer from when we were born. Being born with perfectly beautiful bodies from the heavenly side of life, we definitely are a perfectly beautiful thing to behold. But as we grow up and as we get into the normal proceedings of life and examples set by our families which tends to perpetuate all the mistakes that human beings have made (and believe me, we've made a mess of things if you look around the world today) tends to perpetuate these mistakes, then we come to the point where we've got to find some way to be healed properly.

I. Now, the doctors have made a tremendous effort to find a way to heal cancer or to rid the body of cancer by their way, which is a very expensive way to say the least. They have gone the way of radium, x-ray, and other means of that type (and I’d like to add here that x-ray and radium have their values in certain spots in the human body, but as a rule x-ray and radium both produce scar tissue which originally was healthy flesh and no one never likes the idea of going to bed "burnt" in trying to get rid of something else. With x-ray there is the scar tissue development. With radium, if the radium has had any curative properties for you, ten chances to one, you will find something else developing in your system which was created by the radium. In addition you will carry in your body the florescence of radium for years, so it would make it quite difficult to treat your body with anything else until the time comes that the doctor says to you, "It's about time we cut you open and chop some of this cancer out, if you haven't got too much of it, if you've got too much of it, we’ll leave you alone. We'll just button you back up but you'll just have to wait till the good Lord calls you." So now the doctor says, "Well, now you have to have an operation, "And he finds that he doesn't have too much to cut out. Say it happens to take a grip on your liver, one side of your liver, or maybe a portion of your lung is loaded with cancer and he cuts it out. Now what does he do? He starts the blood flowing, doesn't he? And he has to keep more blood going in through your arm while he’s cutting in and while the heart is pumping it out. Now, it just happens that as the blood is spilt, it could very definitely cause one thing, more cancer, because if you have ever noticed a person who has received an operation called, well, where the breast is removed, it's called breast carcinoma, almost invariably the other breast contracts the condition and pretty soon nodules are developed under the arm pits which then again tells you that, that person is literally alive with cancer. The doctor says, "Oh well, that was just a case of metastasis." (Which means that it spreads through the bloodstream and the bloodstream carried the cancer to all parts of the body). That is what usually takes place in operations for cancer. Now, Dr. Rife saw all of this, he recognized it. The information was brought to him by the doctors of the New York Life insurance company and from Dr. Arthur I Kendall of Northwestern University, Dr. Gruner and he came from, I think as I recall now, from Montréal, Canada and Dr. Rosenow from Mayo brothers. Now, Rosenow was a very brilliant bacteriologist and these gentlemen all brought this information to Dr. Rife and he had all these cancer viruses which he had shown these doctors and show them how to kill these viruses. They called it "agglutination" when you get the right vibratory rate in the machine and it just kills every one of them instantly. In fact, they quit being motile (active) in an instant, so quickly that you can't see them and you can't tell them between the time when they are live and when they are dead. It is a fraction of a second.

J. When these doctors saw this, they then began to see that there was a marvelous chance because here's what happens when you use this Rife Ray on a sick person suffering from cancer. In place of injuring the healthy tissue, it just simply kills the virus alone and the tissue gets well that was infested by the virus. This has definitely been proven, not once, but Dr. Hamer, who is one of our users of the Rife Ray machine had two operators and each operator was good for about 21 patients a day and the case histories developed from those 42 patients would make a book which the American Medical Association would say, well, "It just tisn't done!." They would say it was simply lies because people were getting well and getting well from many diseases, from the tuberculosis and other diseases and from colds. Colds disappeared in two or three applications of this Ray. I wish I had the books that Dr. Hamer kept. He was one of our foremost surgeons in the state of California and he operated out of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium. Dr. Hamer was an ardent believer in the Rife Ray. Then came a time when Dr. Hamer performed on a dear old gentleman, 82 years of age. This gentleman, I don't remember his name now, had come from Chicago, was quite wealthy and was flown out first to check in on the deal and Dr. Hamer examined him and told him it was possible for him to be healed. This condition was a superficial cancer which started on one side of his face, took in his eye lid, ate the eye lid off, this lobe of the ear, all around here, down around this side and finally into this right atrium basin. In fact, it affected both of the atrium basins or what we call the sinuses (these are the cheekbone sinuses). Dr. Hamer said he didn't see any reason why this particular type of cancer wouldn’t react to the Rife Ray. So the gentleman began to fly back and forth three times a week. Then he saw the improvement and he took residence here for six months. At the end of six months this gentleman had one little black spot right here in this area, which was just simply a little scab which Dr. Hamer said would tumble off in a few days, or a week or so. So he went back to Chicago. And when he got back there he just simply couldn't keep still. He couldn't keep quiet and he talked to everyone about this marvelous healing and those who knew him before he became diseased were thoroughly amazed and utterly amazed because he had nice, new, smooth skin just like a baby's skin and he grew hair again too. His eyelid grew back and he had a lobe on his ear again. Just like Commander Henderson's wife, she had a breast carcinoma and they took almost all of the one breast off, but after Dr. Couche had treated her for three months the breast assumed its normal shape again, with a clinically cured condition of the bloodstream of cancer.

K. This, of course, Dr. Couche did not attend to. He sent her to regular clinics to find out if she still had cancer and Mrs. Benjamin Henderson was definitely one of those again that wanted to hop on top of the houses and shout with joy that she was well again.

L. So this gentleman in Chicago talked about the cancer healing to everybody. A certain man by the name of Fishbein, [Morris Fishbein] no allusion to his nationality but just simply his name, this man was President [correction Editor] of the American Medical Association and so he heard about this man and he invited him out to dine and wine him and he got from him the story of this Rife Ray treatment. And Mr. Fishbein made every effort to see if he could buy into the Corporation which was then manufacturing these machines. The machines were being manufactured in San Diego and when it was found that it was a California Corporation and that it was a closed one and that there was no stock for sale until the Commissioners Corporation allowed a stock sale, selling campaign, then another step was taken. Two men from Los Angeles, the Han Realty Company brothers came down here and they endeavored to offer certain sums of money to increase output. We again said we were not prepared to enlarge on the activity until we had a greater series of case histories to develop and to present to the American Medical Association. And then, of course that was too much for Mr. Fishbein so he definitely requested that some effort be made to find a weak spot in our organization, which he did. He found a weak spot in one of the members [Philip Hoyland, Dr. Rife’s engineer] of our board of directors. And that man was paid a nice little fee, or was promised a fee, if he would precipitate some sort of condition which would make it possible for the company to be thrown into a receivership. This was done and in due course of time the case was sent to be tried in Judge Kelley's court in San Diego. Judge Kelley, being an Irishman and full of wit, was a very, very fine man to have had the case tried before. The case took a year and three days to prosecute. At the end of that time Judge Kelley could find neither that the Corporation had done anything that in any way infringed on the rights of human beings or in any way created a condition where a criminal offense had been developed. As a consequence, he simply closed the entire case and gave the Corporation a clean bill of health. One of the members of that Corporation was completely broke by that time and so was the Corporation. In addition to that the American Medical Association had sent out word that the doctors who were found operating the Rife Ray machines, two weeks from the receipt of the notice, would lose their membership in the AMA. The doctors were compelled to rid their offices of these machines so therefore the company manufacturing these machines folded up. And when it folded up, we all went to work. I found myself operating a 24 foot lathe at the Consolidated Corporation (Convair was called Consolidated at that time) because they did considerately leave me with a few hand tools and the shirt on my back. And yet that was all the American Medical Association wanted to do was to break the Corporation just the same as our lovely man Mr. Khrushchev would like to break this United States because he would like them to have peace his way. There are two corporations in this world and they are almost identical to each other in the way they work. One is the Communist Party and the other is the American Medical Association.

M. So, you see how we lost a very valuable aid to health. I say "lost." There were some men who worked very hard to maintain a semblance of what was going on and to pull together a nucleus of information and some of the machines, keeping them properly calibrated so these machines would be available and it would be possible to use them. And because of that, this work now has arrived at the point where this wonderful man here and God bless him, I can't help but say he is wonderful because he has taken it on the chin for month after month after month, keeping alive this wonderful thought and this wonderful knowledge to make it possible to present it to the public in a manner in which it deserves.

N. After judge Kelly said, "Okay, everything is all clear. You are free everything is fine. We have no case against you." I felt just like doing one thing, digging a hole about as big as a dime and crawling in to it and pulling the hole in after me. I had been beaten down pretty roughly because whenever you are in court and you sit there day after day watching your funds dwindle, having no recourse to any agency that could loan you a few dollars and watching that situation develop to a point where you are broke, you're ready to call it quits to a point of saying heck to everybody.

O. Now all of this knowledge has been available, but because of the way it was treated, the lack of effort on the part of those who knew, but didn't want us to keep on going. And of course the story would take a long time to tell, but this lack of interest made it possible for this thing to practically die for the last 20 years and practically killed the inventor himself because he almost died a living death because of the effect it had on him in the court during the trial. There has never been any way developed until now wherein we could actually start to develop a firm fundamental story upon all these microscopes. What they have accomplished and if anyone in the medical profession or any other agency would recognize any of the doctor’s signatures, all we ask is that. We wouldn’t ask at all if they believed anything that I have said, although it is burned into my conscience so that I will never forget it if I live to be 1000 years. The main thing to remember is this, with diligent study, with the desire, with an open mind to find out what this is all about it can be done and it can be developed to a point where that which has already been said can be proven. Whether it would be proven in regard to the veracity of my statements or others or whether it could be proven in regard to the ability of these machines and the ability of the microscopes. All of this of course, because of the fact that it has taken people with a little more than the ordinary intestinal fortitude to come back to prove Rife's value and the things he developed. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were not considered very wise people to associate with during the time they were here on the Earth plane, but now we think they were masters and they were. I have heard it said that Rife is a master by a man who was one of the most brilliant engineers of Great Britain when he came over here. His son now is the present city clerk of La Mesa. His name is Lester Freeman. Anyone who would like to check in with him to find out what he thought of Rife's work here would be of help to them if they would like to proceed that much along the line of digging up the information. You can see that this has all been very poorly correlated because of the fact that it had been put down into the realm of, let's say, oblivion for so many years.

P. Now I think I've made as much of a talk as I should. I could talk until the end of midnight and beyond, but there is one thing certain, friends, which is the best way to be healed (of course, this is referring to material ways of healing) to be, for the material medicine to try to fix you up, watch you go downhill as they try, to finally cut into you, and finally sew you back up and put you in a pine box or go this way which has definitely been proven (and I can definitely tell you that there are a number of wonderful healings available as regards names of people who are still alive). But to do this in the way it was done by such comfortable means. Now, during the time these machines were being calibrated, I used to be in the shop because I happen to have some connection with it in the manufacture of these machines and in going before the tube, which was broadcasting this Ray as the calibration was being developed by the oscillograph and the oscillator (the oscillator is something like your radio, your television tube). During this time, if I happen to have a cold it would go inside of eight hours after being in the vicinity of this Ray and any growth that might be on my face, such as a little growth I had here, it fell off one day. People working around there having warts on their hands, they just tended to fall off and the entire condition cleaned up in a perfectly comfortable manner and not one of the operatives developing this machine or calibrating this machine ever suffered a burn of anything at all, not even the slightest burn. In fact, they all felt mighty fine, except of course the treatment received by the American Medical Association after we were thrown into the courts.

Q. Friends, it has been a pleasure to talk to you. I will be happy to answer any questions at the end of this session if my friend, John, would like to have me and I hope to see you all again sometime. I hope to see you realizing this fact, this Institute can be the nucleus of a nationwide organization and as it becomes nationwide then we can tromp on the corns of the American Medical Association, tweak their nose a little bit and tell them they were a very, very poor crowd of individuals, fine gentleman at heart, most of them, they think that they know it because they have been brainwashed as they go through college developing their own knowledge of material medicine. I say brainwashed because once they have gotten that plaque they do not think of anything else except what they know themselves or what is told them by the AMA.

R. I have a note from John here asking me to tell you about how the frequencies were developed for this particular Rife Ray machine. They were started out first from a laboratory machine. For many years Dr. Rife would keep his eyes open for a piece of electrical equipment, for a Wheatstone bridge, for an amplifying unit, for this and that all the way through to the point where he was able to get all these instruments coupled up into one large laboratory unit. He had quite a good deal of difficulty in getting the tubes to put out what he wanted them to put out, these vacuum tubes like you used to have in the old radios. Finally, he went back to the General Electric Company and one old gentleman, a hunchback, who was the chief research engineer at General Electric, dear old Dr. Steinmetz. He worked with Dr. Rife and they finally came up upon this fact that everything put into a tube had to be in accord with certain types of polarity. Even the metal had to be polarized the proper way. Even the filaments they had to find out which was the positive and which was the negative end of the filaments and so forth, until they finally developed tubes which put out a very, very high frequency current. These ultra-high-frequency currents are in a range which is beyond normal use and I don't think, in fact, I'm sure that very few of these doctors have been able to develop these rays. If they did develop them, they wouldn't know how to use them because of the fact that they wouldn't be able to see what would happen to these filterable forms without a microscope to see them with. Now, they boast proudly of their electrical microscope and it's a marvelous invention, but the electron microscope, as you can well imagine, is not good for viruses because they tend to lie down and sometimes play dead or go to sleep when you want them to "act up" and as a consequence you cannot see what happens. The optical microscope that does not rely on anything else but proper magnification, magnification which is maintained in such a way that the light rays never cross. The reason for the trouble with our doctors’ microscopes is because the main tube is too long and when they start to lengthen it out to get full magnification, the light rays lose their parallel position and in place of being parallel they cross and that is what creates this condition of blur, or what the doctors would like to call "spherical aberration."

S. So now, the microscope which is over there is one which keeps the light rays straight all the time. It is true the light rays are bent 21 times in this machine but at no point in the transmission of these light rays are these rays allowed to cross or open because of the fact that the air gap or prism gap does not exceed more than 30 millimeters at a time. As a consequence you can recognize that if 120 millimeters gives you lots of room to start the crossing of the light rays and if you keep the light rays in the short ranges of travel of 30 millimeters at a time you can see how you can maintain a perfect parallel set of light rays that go through the slide, through the objective lenses, up to the oculars and there you have a perfect picture up to 50,000 diameters magnification. And I have also seen up to 60,000 diameters magnification. But because of that tremendous high magnification it is difficult to hold my head still, even though I don't suffer too much from St. Vitus Dance while I was looking in those oculars. Because the slightest movement, the slightest deviation of 1/1000ths of an inch, one way or another caused me to lose the picture I was trying to see. So, because of the fact that the microscope itself showed how these bugs vibrate, it was possible to develop a machine that was synonymous, as far as the vibratory rates of these rays were concerned. Vibrate it synonymous to the exact frequency of the filterable forms and because they vibrated to the same filterable forms frequencies, with the potencies which it was able to develop by the Rife Ray machine, they just plain up and died, they turned up their little toes. And because it was possible to find out the exact frequency for every virus that was investigated at the time that Dr. Rife was at the pinnacle of his work it was possible to go back again and again and perform the same experiment over again.

T. We had doctors out there to the laboratory and they would look through the microscope and they would sniff the air in a supercilious way and they would say "hmm interesting if true." Now, I would hate to be some of those doctors when I face my maker, throwing cold water on something they didn't know anything about. It was so much over their heads that they didn't "know nothing from nothing" to use the vernacular and if anybody could be characterized as being "touched in the head" they were.

U. So, these forms, now you can understand vibrate and since everything is vibration, every hair on your head vibrates and those that turn gray vibrate differently to those that are not gray. In fact, every molecule that makes up each individual hair vibrates at a different speed. So you can understand how these things are done.

V. This man, John Crane, is to be commended that he has had the intestinal fortitude to bring it out in the open again. It should be possible for some of you gentlemen who are younger to take the time and expend your energies to bring this into a place where it is all focused into one some correlated story.

Now, thank you very much friends and again I hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again.

End of Ben Cullen's talk.

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