The Rife Machine Report

Can A Circuit For A
Machine Really Detect
Resonant Frequencies Of Microorganisms?

Dr. Rife

Some manufacturers imply that their frequency generators (Rife Machines) have a circuit which has the ability to detect resonant frequencies of microorganisms inside the body of the user. This page has been written to explain how these circuits actually work.

The truth is that there is no electronic device which has the ability to determine any resonant frequencies of microorganisms in or outside of the body. In order for any electronic device to be able to detect an organism’s resonant frequency it would need to have a data base of all the known resonant frequencies of microorganism’s to make a comparison with. Then when it read the body looking for a harmful microorganism it would have to read that particular organism's resonant frequency and then compare that frequency to the data base before it could determine which organism it was. The problem is NO SUCH DATA BASE EXISTS. Also there is no circuit capable of reading resonant frequencies.

Just consider this fact. If a data base of all the known microorganisms did exist it would the greatest accomplishment in the history of mankind. With its use every known disease could be eliminated. But sadly a data base does not exist. This means that all claims of any electronic device being capable of determining the resonant frequencies of microorganisms in the body are misleading. Dr. Rife was the only person who did this type of work and he only found the resonant frequencies for 54 organisms over a 30 year time period. Since his day no one has really done much work in this field except for algae control. This is why the concept of a circuit being able to read an organism’s resonant frequency is misleading. And this is why there is no electronic device that can read resonant frequencies no matter what people may imply.

What most people do not consider is there are millions of microorganisms in our bodies. Without a data base of these microorganisms frequencies there is no way any electronic device can find the resonant frequencies of any organism. For this reason it would be irresponsible for anyone to mislead people into believing this method is possible.

How Do These Circuits Work?

The simple fact is these circuits actually work on a "Galvanic Skin Response." How does a Galvanic skin response work? A frequency, which is swept over a certain range of frequencies, is put into the body of the user. The circuit detects any indication of a stimulant response (galvanic skin response) given back by the body to the frequency which is swept. If there is a stimulant response from the body then the frequency the circuit is outputting at that moment is recorded. That frequency is then considered to be a resonant frequency by those who build these circuits. The problem is, any response and the frequency recorded, is implied to be a resonant frequency. Many people have used this method and found that if they wait 30 minutes to an hour and again re-run the circuit a second time they get a different reading. If the circuit was truly reading the resonant frequency of an organism the frequency readings would be exactly the same every time whether you did it 5 minutes later or the next day.

A galvanic skin response can change depending on several conditions such as, skin temperature, moisture, are you nervous or calm, are you cold or hot or is you body properly hydrated. Many things can affect the results. Lie detectors work on this same galvanic skin redponse technology.

To their credit some of the circuit manufacturers do acknowledge that their circuit is working on a "Galvanic Skin Response" but they do not make it clear how this galvanic skin response really works. They leave the user believing that the galvanic skin response is actually detecting a resonant frequency.

Here are a few examples of what is implied by the use of these circuits:

QUOTE #1: "This means that the user can measure his own resonants in the frequency range...The values with the largest significances are saved automatically for application."

QUOTE #2: "This instrument is designed to Hunt and Deploy. It is the only plasma based device in the world with scanning capablilities allowing it to "hunt" for research frequency "hits." These are recorded in the software database. The scanner baseline is adjusted during the scan each time the scanner tones. When the scan is finished along with this custom program a database of related conditions is also generated. The Galvanic Resonant Scanner is designed to pick up which frequencies in a session may be the ones producing results, often referred to as "hits" by Rife researchers. Hits are the frequencies that are causing a physiological response, possibly indicating the need to extend this frequency or repeat in further Rife sessions."

QUOTE #3: “Finding frequencies in the body that correspond to virus, bacteria, and parasites is simplicity itself with this little fellow...[it] will ping your body with a sweep through the frequency range you entered, noting any hits or echoes it receives. When it is done, it returns to all the hits found and automatically sweeps around them until it finds the exact frequency that generates the strongest response.” 

As the reader can see it is implied that galvanic skin response circuit can actually read resonant frequencies. Some state that they can even give you the condition that you need to treat. People need to understand that there is no equipment capable of reading resonant frequencies of harmful organisms in or out of the body. A galvanic skin response which is caused by a stimulant frequency cannot actually measure a resonant frequency. Again we should point out; "if an actual data base of all the known microorganisms did exist it would the greatest accomplishment in the history of mankind. With its use every known disease could be eliminated."

People really need to understand, as stated above, no circuit at the present time has the capability of detecting resonant frequencies inside or outside of the body. Those who build these circuits should fully explain to people that their circuit does not actually read the resonant frequency of any organism or actually give the condition to treat instead of misleading them into this incorrect belief.

In the future it will probably be possible to do this but first a data base of the resonant frequencies of all the known organisms would have to be made. This work would require an enormous effort and many years to complete. It would also require someone who believes that all organisms really do have a resonant frequency that could devitalize them. To date only a few scientists have worked in this field. Dr. Rife is the only person that actually spent his entire life in this work and he only found 54 frequencies of the many thousands that exist. We also need to understand that this work may never be done because we know how his work was treated by those who were opposed to it.

Yet even today they are using his methods in various areas. One field is controlling algae buildup in ponds with resonant frequencies. In the future more work may be done but at the present time no data base exists. At the present time all these circuits can do is give an unreliable galvanic skin response feedback from a stimulant frequency. This of course is not a true reading of a microorganisms resonant frequeny.

People need to understand they are just being mislead into purchasing machines with these circuits with the hope that they will somehow be able to determine the resonant frequency of some organism that may be causing their health problem. The buyer should understand what has been explained. For this reason most manufactures will not build these circuits and mislead their potential customers.