Cancer And Hydrazine Sulfate

Many people who have cancer should also consider using Hydrazine Sulfate even when they are using Dr. Rife’s frequencies. It has been said that “No reasonable hunter goes after his prey with only one bullet in his gun.” And neither should a person who has cancer. Hydrazine Sulfate is a powerful tool that can be used for cancer.

Many people think that Hydrazine Sulfate is only to be used in late stage cancer to stop a person from wasting away from cancer. This wasting away is known as Cachexia. It doesn't matter if a person has cachexia or not the cancer still responds the same way. Hydrazine stops the cancers ability to use glucose (sugar) so it helps no matter when you start using it. A person should not wait until they have the symptoms of cachexia. The longer a person waits the less likely they will recover.  

Dr. Gold followed people who started using it immediately after they found out they had cancer, not waiting for the symptoms of cachexia, and these people had a 43% full recovery rate. Compare a 43% success rate to Radiation and chemotherapy’s success rate of 1% to 7%.

Some people do not like the idea of using Hydrazine Sulfate because it is a chemical and yet they have no concerns about using drugs like Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen or Tylenol. When used properly all of these drugs work very well. One thing to consider is the fact that Hydrazine Sulfate is hundreds of times less toxic than chemotherapy. The fact that it does not destroy the tissue of the body like chemotherapy or radiation makes it significantly better without any of the side effects that come from radiation and chemotherapy.

Dr. Gold discovered how well Hydrazine Sulfate worked many years ago. It has gone through phase 3 testing by the FDA but no one will finish the phase 4 testing because Hydrazine sulfate is not patentable. There have been many clinical tests done which have proven how well Hydrazine Sulfate works but still the medical profession will not fully embrace it because there is no profit in it for them. If they embraced Hydrazine Sulfate chemotherapy and radiation would rarely be used. The lost profits from these two treatments would cause the loss of billions of dollars to doctors and hospitals. Below is a link to the many clinical tests that have been done on Hydrazine Sulfate:

Below is a description of Dr. Gold's work and how Hydrazine Sulfate works. This quote was taken from their site.

“The Syracuse Cancer Research Institute began operations in 1966, founded by its director, Dr. Joseph Gold. At the time cancer-cachexia was only a descriptive term, its causes entirely unknown. Research done by Dr. Gold indicated the condition to be largely the result of cancer’s ability to “recycle its wastes” at the energy expense of the body and thus impose a severe energy drain on the body, eventually resulting in cachexia.

Specifically, it was pointed out that cancer uses glucose (sugar) as its fuel but only incompletely metabolizes (combusts) it. The cancer’s waste product, lactic acid, together with the breakdown products of other tissues of the body, spilling into the blood as a result of the cancer’s metabolism, are taken up by the liver and kidney (normal, non-cancerous tissues) and much energy is expended from these normal “host” tissues to build these waste and breakdown products back up to glucose.

The new glucose formed may then be re-presented to the cancer cell for fuel and the cycle will be repeated. The net result is a loss of energy from normal body energy “pools.” As the cancer grows, its production of lactic acid and other chemical intermediates increases, imposing on the body a condition in which the normal body energy “pools” become more and more depleted. Eventually the body reaches a point where dietary energy intake can no longer keep up with these energy losses and rapid weight loss and debilitation supervene. This is the onset of cachexia.

Dr. Gold theorized by interrupting this process of “host energy loss”—blocking the body’s chemical machinery which converts lactic acid and other breakdown products to glucose in normal tissues, cancer-cachexia could be averted. In this regard subsequent experimentation at the Institute found that an entire new class of “gluconeogenic blocking agents” could bring about such “interruption.” One of these—the chemical hydrazine sulfate—was especially able to disrupt cancer’s energy “cycle” and thereby arrest and reverse cachexia”.

Below is a link to Dr. Gold's web site:

Below are links to websites about Hydrazine Sulfate. Make sure that you read all the information about it. There are certain foods that need to be avoided so that there are no negative reactions. People under 95 pounds use the 30mg tablets and those over 95 pounds should use the 60mg tablets.

Hydrazine Sulfate food list:

Hydrazine Sulfate Food Avoidance List

Web sites that sale Hydrazine Sulfate:

We are not, for financial gain, trying to promote Hydrazine Sulfate. The reason we have mentioned it on this site is because we have talked with so many people who have been helped by Hydrazine Sulfate that we feel that we would be amiss not letting people know about something that may help save their life.

Just keep in mind that those who start using Hydrazine Sulfate, as soon as they find out that they have cancer, seem to do the very best. Waiting until the cancer has wasted a person away makes no sense. Also, waiting until the last minute to try and use Dr. Rife’s frequencies does not make much sense either. Dr. Rife spoke of how there reaches a point of no return for those who wait to long. If the cancer has damaged the body to the point that the organs are shutting down then the chance of winning the battle becomes almost impossible no matter what method you try. 

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