The Rife Machine Report

Chapter #13

Rife Machine Harmonic
audio frequency misunderstanding

Rife Beam Ray Clinical Macine

There is a belief that the audio frequencies that were used in the original Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical Rife Machine and its 1940’s and 1953 AZ-58 replica Rife Machines are harmonic M.O.R. frequencies derived by dividing Dr. Rife’s original high RF frequencies down in octave steps until you reach the audio range of frequencies. For this to be true then all of the audio frequencies would have to be true harmonics of the higher RF frequencies. But this is not the case.

All the documents we have quoted and the understanding we now have, prove as a myth, the long believed concept that the low audio frequencies used in the 1950’s were created by John Crane and John Marsh by dividing Dr. Rife’s high frequency M.O.R.s. down by harmonic steps until they reached the audio range of frequencies. If we take the correct frequency for the BX of 1,607,450 Hertz read by Philip Hoyland and divide it down by harmonics we do not get 2008 Hertz or 2128 Hertz. In fact, we do not get Philip Hoyland's higher audio frequencies of 20080 Hertz or 21275 Hertz either. This clearly proves John Crane and John Marsh did not create the audio frequencies by just dividing down Dr. Rife’s higher RF M.O.R. frequencies. The fact is we know that the origin of these audio frequencies came from the harmonic sideband method used by Philip Hoyland in the original Beam Ray Clinical instrument.

The documented information we have shows that Dr. Rife’s true M.O.R.s that would resonate organisms were the higher RF frequencies (139,200 hertz to 1,607,450 Hertz) used in the Rife Ray #3 which consisted of the Kennedy Models 110, 281. These same frequencies were used in the Rife Ray #4 Rife Machine and the higher harmonic frequencies of these frequencies were used in the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical Rife Machine. All of Dr. Rife's Machines worked on RF frequencies not audio frequencies. From the spectrum analysis of Philip Hoyland’s Beam Ray Rife Machine we know that it used audio frequencies for one purpose only, to create the method of sideband harmonic spacing to hit the higher harmonic frequencies which were harmonics Dr. Rife's true RF M.O.R.s. Henry Siner reported Philip Hoyland’s design killed the organisms under microscope observation. This same instrument was tested by Dr. Rife in 1940 when Verne Thompson repaired it. We quote:

DR. RIFE: "In the interim, I became associated with another electronist by the name of Verne Thompson, of San Diego. Under my supervision, Thompson rebuilt Dr Yale's Frequency Instrument [Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument] which I tested in my research laboratory on pathogenic bacteria and the Frequency Instrument proved effective. Then later at different times I had this instrument checked and found it lacking in its ability to devitalize anything." (Letter written by Dr. Rife, March 22, 1958)

If we add to this the list of doctors who used the instruments and said they had many diseases cured. This shows that Philip Hoyland’s harmonic sideband method worked beyond question.

Dr. Robert P. Stafford was not able to kill any organisms in laboratory tests using just the 1950's square wave audio frequency harmonics. He did his tests under microscope observation. We quote:

DR. STAFFORD: “I have observed clinical results after treatments with this gadget which I can scarcely believe myself. Yet, despite these good results, I have been confused by some rather simple failures such as a recent experiment which I conducted at Good Samaritan Hospital where we used the machine to treat some cultures of Staph Aureus and Strept. Fecalis. In this work we failed to inhibit growth at all or influence the cultures with the Rife Rx.” (Dr. Stafford letter to Dr. Jeppson April, 1 1958)

He also made this statement:

DR. STAFFORD: “As yet, we have failed to “cure” any case of advanced, terminal malignancy. It appears in several instances that we may have impressed the disease favorably, temporarily... However, several improvements have appeared to be more physical than emotional...All the patients in the series were treated with the same frequencies (e.g., 728 - 784 - 880 - 2008 - 2128). Perhaps these frequencies may be wrong, or only nearly correct.” (John Marsh Collection, Dr. Stafford’s Report on using the AZ-58, page 4)

Today, like Dr. Stafford many have tried to kill the organisms which these audio frequencies correspond to, with no success. John Marsh had laboratory tests done in 1976-1977 by Brigham Young University Microbiology Laboratory which also confirmed Dr. Stafford's tests. Below is a link to that report.

(John Marsh’s tests performed by: Brigham Young University Microbiology Department)

If these audio frequencies, as some have claimed, were really harmonic frequencies derived from the higher RF M.O.R. frequencies then one would think that they should be able to kill the microorganism they correspond to in laboratory tests. If a true audio frequency harmonic of Dr. Rife’s RF M.O.R. will not devitalize an organism under microscope observation, can the harmonic association be valid? No rational person would believe this. Yet today this is exactly what most people believe because they do not have all of the facts.

When Dr. Rife started looking for frequencies to devitalize microorganisms he worked his way up from the lower frequency ranges to the higher frequency ranges until he found a frequency which would devitalize an organism he was working on. His Rife Ray #3 had the ability to start at about 12,000 Hertz which is in the upper audio frequency range. So Dr. Rife would have naturally started at 12,000 Hertz and moved up in the frequency range in his testing until he found the frequency that would devitalize the organism. Since the Rife Ray #4 documents show that the lowest frequency for any of the organisms was 139,200 Hertz we can conclude that he did not find any frequencies in the audio range or less than 139,000 Hertz that would devitalize any of these organisms listed on the Rife Ray #4 documents. Now this method of starting at the lowest frequency and moving up into the higher frequency ranges would be a logical method of finding the M.O.R. of an organism. What this also logically tells us is that no frequency lower than 139,000 Hertz could ever be a frequency that would devitalize any of these organisms. What this also revels to us is that Dr. Rife had to get to a high enough frequency range before a resonant effect would devitalize an organism. What is the point that we are trying to make with this simple logic. Philip Hoyland found that higher harmonics of Dr. Rife's original M.O.R. frequencies would devitalize those organisms. But what Dr. Rife found was that there were no frequencies lower than the frequencies he found that would devitalize the organisms found in the Rife Ray #4 documents. We must keep in mind that the Rife Ray #4 did not have any variable audio oscillator. Its frequency range started at 87,000 Hertz. From this we can conclude that Dr. Rife found that the audio range up to about 87,000 Hertz was not needed because you cannot truly resonate any organism with frequencies below 87,000 Hertz using his method.

With this logical understanding you would not divided down in octave or harmonic steps any of the Rife Ray #4 resonant frequencies and expect these lower frequencies to devitalize those organisms using the same method Dr. Rife used. But this is what people claim can be done. If Dr. Rife could not find any frequency lower than 139,000 Hertz to devitalize the Rife Ray #4 organisms then this concept that people are claiming is a questionable concept depending on the number of harmonic or octave steps used. It is a known fact that square waves will create higher harmonic frequencies. Some claim infinite harmonics but this could only be true if there was infinite power behind those harmonics. So power determines the number of harmonics. In most situations the harmonics from a square wave are only readable, with sufficient power, to about 9 harmonics up from the original frequency used. Understanding this you would not take any of Dr. Rife's frequencies and divide them down in either harmonic steps or octave steps more than about 9 times and expect an audio frequency with a square wave waveform to resonate those organisms. Yet this is what people are claiming can be done using audio frequencies and square wave harmonics. They actually promote the idea that you can go down hundreds of harmonic steps with Dr. Rife’s frequencies and get them to resonate organisms with low audio frequencies. It is this false concept that John Crane and John Marsh promoted. This false concept has caused all of the confusion we have today. This is why so many people claim that Dr. Rife's original M.O.R. frequencies where the low audio frequencies that were used in the AZ-58. 

In this report we are not saying that low audio frequencies do not have positive effects, because they do. But they are working on a different concept than coordinative resonance. No one knows exactly how these low audio frequencies work, they just know they are beneficial. Dr. Stafford believed that they somehow stimulated the adrenals which in turn stimulated the immune system. He also believed when the immune system is stimulated the body will be able to overcome many ailments that it otherwise could not overcome. Again we will point out that it is not known how these low square wave audio frequencies work. But what is known is that they do not create a true resonate frequency effect like Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies or the higher harmonic RF frequencies Philip Hoyland used.

The evidence we have given in this report shows that if the RF M.O.R. frequency is lowered by too much it will lose its ability to devitalize an organism even though it is a lower harmonic frequency. Dr. Stafford's and John Marsh's laboratory tests showed this when they treated the organism with the low audio frequency that was supposed to devitalize it. The tests showed that the organism continued to grow even when they transferred it from one culture to another. Can there be any greater scientific proof than this? Even Dr. Rife would not have argued with this method of determining true M.O.R.s, because this is the method he used. This is the greatest proof, along with the fact that almost all the audio frequencies are not true harmonics of the original high RF frequencies. We know many other people who have made the same tests on microorganisms as Dr. Stafford and John Marsh and they told us they obtained the same results he did. John Marsh said on the Rife CD's that they came up with the frequencies using math. The documented information we now have show that the math they used was to lower Philip Hoyland's original audio frequencies by a factor of 10 times. If every audio frequency was a perfect harmonic match to its higher RF M.O.R. then we could say they were all derived from Dr. Rife's original M.O.R.s, but they are not. So this leaves us with only one conclusion. They lowered Philip Hoyland's higher audio frequencies and wrongly considered those lowered frequencies to be the true M.O.R. frequencies. Another thing we must understand is that even if the audio frequencies were derived from Dr. Rife's original RF M.O.R.s in lower harmonic steps or octave steps and they do not devitalize the organism they are not real M.O.R.s. either.

What the evidence in this report certainly proves is, without really knowing it, Dr. Rife, John Crane and John Marsh discovered that these lower square wave audio frequencies are beneficial. Even though they will not devitalize the organism they correspond to under microscope observation they still seem to help people? The fact is we really don’t know why the audio frequencies are beneficial, but for some unknown reason they are. Though the method of modulating a square wave audio frequency onto a fixed RF carrier did not work as well as Philip Hoyland's sideband method, nevertheless it works very well on many conditions. Even though the audio frequencies are beneficial in many ways, this still does not prove the claim that the 1950’s audio frequencies are harmonic M.O.R.s.

What needs to be kept in mind is how the original Beam Ray Clinical instruments worked. We will again point out here that neither the 3.30 or the 3.80 MHz RF carrier frequency nor the audio frequencies will do anything by themselves. But when the 3.30 or the 3.80 MHz RF carrier frequency and the audio frequencies are combined together they will produce many sideband frequencies. And one of these sideband frequencies will line up with the true Rife M.O.R. frequency and devitalize or render harmless the harmful microorganism. If you just use the audio frequencies by themselves you will get nothing. If you use the 3.30 or the 3.80 MHz RF carrier without the audio frequencies you will get nothing. The audio frequencies used in this style of instrument must be match to the RF carrier frequency of 3.30 or 3.80 MHz or they are useless. This is the reason the 1953 AZ-58 Beam Ray Clinical instrument did not work properly.

Below is a chart showing the “High Frequency M.O.R.s” which were taken from the Rife Ray #3 and used with the Rife Ray #4. These frequencies were recorded in 1935 when Philip Hoyland went to Dr. Rife's laboratory to read them with his master oscillator. They were fine tuned with more precision in 1936 when Philip Hoyland built the Beam Ray Clinical instrument. This is the reason for the slight discrepancy in Dr. Rife's high frequencies. In 1935 the frequencies were rounded off to the nearest thousandth. In 1936 a more accurate reading was done of these frequencies so that the higher harmonics could be used in the Beam Ray Clinical instrument. For a list of the most accurate frequencies click here. These frequencies are the true M.O.R.s. The “Harmonic Higher Audio Frequency” column is the true harmonic of the “High Frequency M.O.R.s” column. How well these higher frequencies under 60,000 Hertz would work is anyone's guess using the square wave harmonic waveform that was used in the AZ-58 replica instrument. The “Harmonic Higher Audio Steps” column shows how many harmonic steps it takes to hit the fundamental “High Frequency M.O.R.s” using the “Harmonic Higher Audio Frequency” using a square wave waveform. As can be seen the higher the frequency the less harmonic steps it takes to hit the fundamental M.O.R. frequency. We did this chart just to show how the concept of square wave harmonics would work. Just keep in mind that any square wave audio frequency only goes up for about 9 harmonics with sufficient power. Many of the “Harmonic Higher Audio Steps” exceed 9 harmonics. With this understanding a higher frequency should be chosen that would be within 9 harmonics of Dr. Rife’s original high RF M.O.R. frequency. If you want a higher resolution copy of this chart click here.

AZ-58 Harmonic audio frequency chart

Now if we take a look at the "1950's Low Audio Frequency For AZ-58” column we see the frequencies that were used by the AZ-58 back in the 1950's. These frequencies are still used today. In the “True Harmonic Low Audio Frequency For AZ-58” column we find the true low audio frequency harmonics of the “High Frequency M.O.R.s.” As you compare these columns you can see that the 1950's frequency for Actinomycosis or Streptothrix was 784 Hertz but the true harmonic frequency is 750 Hertz. It is easy to see that the AZ-58 was not working on square wave harmonics of the true M.O.R.s. If you look at the “Harmonic Low Audio Steps For AZ-58” column you can see how many harmonic steps it takes to reach the true “High Frequency M.O.R.” These range from 128 harmonic steps to 1024 harmonic steps. Anyone looking at these numbers would wonder if these frequencies could ever work. Logically the higher the frequency the better the chance they will work. Also logically the less you go up in square wave harmonics the greater the chance they will work. When using the square wave method the highest frequency possible should be used.

Chapter Summary: None of the low audio frequencies used in the AZ-58 were Dr. Rife's original M.O.R. frequencies. Not even the higher audio frequencies used in the Beam Ray Clinical instrument were his original M.O.R. frequencies either. Both the lower and the higher audio frequencies are not true harmonics of Dr. Rife's original M.O.R. frequencies, as some have thought. The frequencies that Dr. Rife discovered were the lowest frequencies which he found that would resonate an organism and devitalize it. Dr. Rife knew that his frequencies were lower harmonics of a true higher frequency. Philip Hoyland used this understanding in the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument. One thing we do know is dividing Dr. Rife's original frequencies down in octave or harmonic steps until you get into the low audio frequency range has not been proven through laboratory testing to resonate those organisms or any other organisms. Dr. Stafford and John Marsh had laboratory tests done and found that the 1950's AZ-58 square wave low audio frequencies would not devitalize any organisms they were tested on. The audio frequency range does have many beneficial frequencies but it is not understood how they really work. Dr. Stafford believed they stimulate the adrenal glands thus stimulating the immune system.

The real problem with not understanding which frequencies are Dr. Rife's original M.O.R. frequencies means that people will purchase frequency generating equipment that does not output Dr. Rife's original frequencies. It really is "buyer bewares". If a frequency generating piece of equipment cannot output both the low audio frequency range and the high RF range then you may want to reconsider purchasing it. Look for a frequency generator that can output all of Dr. Rife's frequencies. If a company will not tell you what the frequency range of their so called "Rife Machine" is then keep looking until you find a good frequency generator with the correct frequency range. Any frequency generator worth purchasing should have a range from at least 1 Hertz to 5,000,000 Hertz so you can use the full frequency range that Philip Hoyland used with the higher harmonics of Dr. Rife's original M.O.R. frequencies. If a frequency generator can go to 20,000,000 million hertz, even better, because you can also work with many of the higher harmonics of Dr. Rife’s frequencies.

In the next chapter we will look at the pad type instrument developed by John Crane and John Marsh in the late 1950's.