The Rife Machine Report

Chapter #19

Summary of The Rife Machine Report

John Marsh's 1980's Rife machine

In summary, with all the historical information that has come to light in the past few years we finally know the truth about which frequencies were Dr. Rife’s M.O.R.s. We also understand the audio frequency sideband spacing method used in the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument which hit the high harmonics of Dr. Rife original RF M.O.R. frequencies. Because Philip Hoyland hid how his instrument worked these audio frequencies, due to lack of knowledge, were lowered and used with a square wave waveform in the 1953 AZ-58. These lower square wave audio frequencies may not work as well as Dr. Rife's original frequencies but they have accomplished a lot of good helping many people. With the use of even more square wave audio frequencies a whole new field of frequencies are now available for our use. Having said this, we still need to remember Dr. Rife still maintained his true M.O.R. frequencies were in the RF band of frequencies. Even though Dr. Rife, John Crane and John Marsh tested these square wave audio instruments in the 1950’s and early 1960’s to see how well they would work. It wasn’t until after John Crane and John Marsh were released from prison that they received Dr. Stafford’s report showing the limited capability of the low square wave audio frequencies on cancer.

From about 1964 on, John Crane and John Marsh continued to build the audio frequency instruments even though they had the evidence from Dr. Stafford which showed the audio frequencies alone didn’t work on cancer like the original high RF frequencies. Even though John Crane and John Marsh said the square wave audio frequencies were Dr. Rife’s true M.O.R.s this does not change the fact that we now know the true purpose of the audio frequencies. The evidence in this report proves that Dr. Rife, John Crane and John Marsh really didn’t understand how Philip Hoyland’s Beam Ray Clinical instrument worked. This lack of understanding caused them to miss the truth when it was right before their eyes. We would still be in the dark had it not been for the original instruments found and the written documents that revealed Dr. Rife’s high frequencies. Add to this the audio tapes which have Dr. Rife’s own voice on them telling us his frequencies ranged from the audio to the broadcast bands. Dr. Rife was a pure scientist and only believed what he could prove. Had he seen Dr. Stafford’s final report we feel certain he would have considered the cancer tests a failure. Dr. Rife said “he never fooled himself”. It is entirely possible that Dr. Rife would have insisted they go back to his original high frequency design used in the Rife Ray #4 or put the 1953 AZ-58 RF carrier frequency back on 3.30 MHz and use Philip Hoyland’s audio frequencies.

The most important information that has been obtained from the original Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument and Aubrey Scoon’s Beam Ray replica instrument is the fact that the audio frequencies used in these instruments had nothing to do with the treatment of disease. To put it bluntly, all of us have been led down the primrose path because we did not understand how the Beam Rays Clinical instrument really worked. The mistakes made have major implications since the audio frequencies used with the AZ-58 (120, 660, 712, 727, 776, 784, 800, 803, 880, 1552, 1862, 2008 and 2128 hertz) have no ability to eliminate the diseases we thought they would eliminate. In all reality these audio frequencies should be replaced with higher frequencies that are true harmonics of Dr. Rife’s original high frequency M.O.R.s instead of clinging to the old dogma. Those who are really trying to do what Dr. Rife did should no longer promote the concept that these AZ-58 audio frequencies are M.O.R.s and by so doing put many people at risk. The best frequencies to use would always be the original high frequency M.O.R.s followed by lower audio frequencies that are exact lower harmonics of the high RF M.O.R. frequencies. For the most accurate list of Dr. Rife’s original high RF frequencies go to the first chart on this page and read the column labeled “Rife Ray #4 Frequencies Based on Scoon’s Audio Frequencies.” These frequencies were set by Philip Hoyland in Dr. Rife’s laboratory using his microscope.

Hopefully this information will help make a change and in the future we will begin to see what Dr. Rife’s original high frequency M.O.R.s will do. Many helpful people have provided the records and resources so this new information could be brought to light: the release of the John Marsh information from John Marsh’s nurse; the Beam Ray Trial Papers from Steven Ross; the many photos from Jason Ringas of the Rife Research Group of Canada; the great benefit from Dr. Larry Low who allowed us to purchase the original Beam Ray Clinical instrument; the British Rife group and their work on the Aubrey Scoon replica instrument; the help of James Cunningham along with the great detective work done by James Peters in figuring out that Dr. Rife was using the Kennedy company Model 110, 220 and 281 receivers. We also want to recognize the great work Jim Peters did on the schematic of Dr. Gruners original Beam Rays Laboratory instrument. His recognition of the second variable Hartley Oscillator made it possible to rebuild an instrument that works like the original Beam Ray Laboratory instrument.

The spectrum analyzing of these machines has finally given us the answers to how all these different instruments really worked. I believe the recognition of the Kennedy equipment and the locating of the original 1938-1939 Beam Ray Clinical instrument along with the Beam Ray Laboratory instrument schematic correction and rebuilding are three of the greatest pieces of information we have yet discovered about Dr. Rife. No longer are we guessing in the dark. We have purchased the Kennedy Company equipment Models 110, 220 and 281 along with the original Beam Ray Clinical instrument for all of this testing. We plan on doing more extensive spectrum analysis work on this equipment. We have built, into one case, the Beam Ray Clinical and Laboratory instrument designs. We wish also to give special thanks to Henry Rogers the owner of the Western Historic Radio Museum (www.radioblvd.com). He allowed us the opportunity to come and test the Kennedy receivers that he owns. As more information comes out we will update this article as necessary.

For those who would like a complete list of Dr. Rife’s frequencies output by the Rife Ray #3, Rife Ray #4, Philip Hoyland's Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument, Aubrey Scoon’s 1950's Rife Ray #5 and the AZ-58 Beam Ray replica instrument we have listed them below in the next chart. For a higher resolution copy of the chart click here.

John Marsh's Pad instruments

None of the sets of the low audio frequencies are true M.O.R.s and were originally used to create the proper sideband spacing frequencies. The square wave audio frequencies used by the AZ-58 were used in a different manner or method relying only upon the harmonics from the square wave waveform. This method has been used with very good results over the past 50 years by many people, but, these audio frequencies have never produced the true M.O.R. effect of devitalizing organisms. The correct high RF M.O.R.s are the frequencies that should be used since we know what these frequencies are. If people are determined to use the lower audio and ultrasonic range of frequencies below 50,000 hertz then they should at least use the highest harmonic frequency of the true M.O.R.s. At the very least we should make sure that all frequencies used are true harmonics of the fundamental M.O.R.s that Dr. Rife found.

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