The Rife Machine Report

Chapter #5

Did Dr. Rife use audio
frequencies in his Rife Machines?

Rife Loose Coupler

In Dr. Rife’s 1961 deposition he revealed the fact that he was using some form of audio modulation from the beginning of his work with frequency instruments:

RIFE: “Initially I worked with loose couplers to get an audio oscillation and then with the use of transmitters, I tried to balance the audio and modulate the audio on a carrier wave to transmit the audio energy.” (Dr. Rife’s 1961 Deposition, answers page 5)

Dr. Rife stated that at the beginning of his work, back in the 1920's when loose couplers were used in generating frequencies, he was using audio modulation with an RF or radio frequency carrier. Above is a photo of a loose coupler courtesy of "Henry Rogers, Western Historic Radio Museum" (www.radioblvd.com). These loose couplers worked by moving one coil inside the other in order to change the frequencies.

In Dr. Rife’s Rife Ray #3 and Rife Ray #4 Rife Machines he used a specific audio circuit which gated or pulsed his frequencies. This circuit modulated a fixed audio frequency with all of his high frequencies which he used on the various organisms. This circuit will be discussed later when we discuss these Rife Machines.

It is apparent that Dr. Rife first tested audio frequencies on organisms in his search for the frequency which would devitalize them. The audio range would be the logical place to start. If he couldn’t find a frequency in the audio range, he then moved up into higher frequency ranges until he found a frequency that would devitalize an organism. In Dr. Rife’s early lab notes, he listed only two organisms that had an audio frequency M.O.R. Later when Dr. Rife found out that he was reading his frequencies incorrectly, one of those audio frequencies was changed to a much higher RF frequency. There are other statements made by Dr. Rife which show that he tested the audio range. In fact Dr. Rife gave the full range of his frequencies:

RIFE: “Some of them are in the visible band, or I mean not only the visible band but, uh, band of frequencies audible to the human ear [audio frequencies are frequencies that you can hear as tones]. Some of them are way beyond either way. They run through a very, very large gamut. Some of them are very, very broad, long. Some of them are...not extremely short. There are none of them what we call our ultra short wave that I have found yet. Well there’s many of them...we would, uh, classify in the ultrasonic band because they’re not visible [sic] with the human ear. They’re way beyond you know. And some of them are even in the broadcast band. Your cancer is very high [1,604,000 Hertz]. You can’t hear it, the oscillation. But now you take your T.B. [Tuberculosis Rod 369,000 Hertz & Virus 769,000 Hertz]. Now that’s down. A little more you see...if you don’t have an absolute coordinative resonance, you have nothing. One tenth of one meter off and you have nothing. Its got to be absolutely correct for that individual organism. It’s got to be precise...the virus of cancer has a certain frequency. And it has to be there, otherwise if it’s a little one way or the other, no good, no good for nothing. Infrared will penetrate, yes, but the heat is not the thing because the heat is not the frequency, it’s [Infrared] way down in the very low band of frequencies and the laboratory rate of the BX is up into the high band.” (John Marsh Rife CDs - CD 5 track 2, CD 6 track 2, CD 7 track 1 and CD 9 track 1)

In these statements Dr. Rife clearly explains the broad range of his frequencies. Some were audio and could be heard by the human ear; others were in the ultrasonic range, and some were even in the broadcast band. Cancer he said was very high. He states the frequencies have to be very accurate to work. One tenth of one meter off and they would not work at all. We will talk about this later. Here are two additional statements that also verify that Dr. Rife’s Machine's could output a modulated audio frequency:

RIFE: “You know we had an idea when we had our [1934] Clinic in La Jolla, of course that was battery and motor generator operated that set, you know, and boy it would sure raise the devil with all the radios so we had a couple of cars that was equipped with car radios and we sent them out and we would take the switch of that thing, and had a code you know like an S.O.S., and one of them went up north, and one of them went south from La Jolla. Before we started in we wanted to see how far we were going to disturb things” (John Marsh Collection, Trip to Ohio Papers, #24)

In the next photo, shown below, is the Rife Ray #3 which was used at the 1934 Clinic in La Jolla.

Collin B. Kennedy Rife Machine

In order to be able to put out an S.O.S. type signal he would have had to modulate the audio frequency onto a carrier in order for the car radios to pick up the signal. On the John Marsh Collection of Dr. Rife’s audio CD's, Dr. Couche makes an interesting comment about the Rife Ray #3 instrument. He was present at the 1934 clinic sponsored by Dr. Johnson and the University of Southern California. He stated:

DR. COUCHE: “They gave him a treatment of the Rife frequencies which are in the auditory band.” (John Marsh Rife CD's - CD 3 track 1)

The cancer frequency (Rife Ray #4 1,604,000 Hertz and 1,607,450 for the Rife Ray #5) and tuberculosis (Rife Ray #4 Rod form 369,000 Hertz and 369,433 for the Rife Ray #5)(Rife Ray #4 and Rife Ray #5 Virus form 769,000 Hertz) frequencies used in the 1934 clinic were not audio frequencies. Why would Dr. Couche make this statement? The evidence shows that Dr. Couche was getting the Rife Ray #4 and the Rife Ray #5 methods of generating the frequencies mixed up. The Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical Rife Machine which Dr. Couche used for over 22 years used audio frequencies to create the proper sideband spacing to hit the high harmonic RF M.O.R. frequency (Mortal Oscillatory Rate or the frequency that will kill or devitalize an organism). Dr. Couche purchased two of these clinical Rife Machines and used them until 1952 when he retired. We will cover this instrument later in this paper. All the evidence that we have acquired from the quotes show that the Rife Machines from 1934 and earlier could output audio frequencies above 12,000 Hertz and that Dr. Rife tested audio frequencies right from the beginning of his work in 1920.

Although we have been able to prove that Dr. Rife tested the audio range of frequencies, as any good scientist would have done, it should be pointed out that by 1935 when the Rife Ray #4 Rife Machine was built, he no longer felt that he needed to test audio frequencies any longer. This is indicated by the fact that no variable audio oscillator was included in this new Rife Ray #4 frequency instrument. The Rife Ray #4 Rife Machine will be discussed later in this article.

In 1936 Dr. Rife's engineer, Philip Hoyland, developed a new machine which used audio frequencies to create Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies through harmonic sidebands. The audio frequencies were not the frequencies that would devitalize or kill the various microorganisms. These audio frequencies were used to produce the frequencies that would devitalize or eliminate the disease organisms. This method of using harmonic sidebands will be discussed later in this report when we examine the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument.

Multiple Audio Frequencies

Another interesting thing worth pointing out in this chapter is the fact that back in the 1950's Dr. Rife, John Crane and John Marsh were building a new ray tube instrument that would run multiple audio frequencies simultaneously, instead of only one audio frequency at a time. It appears that they wanted to save the doctor’s time in treating their patients. This new ray tube instrument was being built so that it could run 10 audio frequencies simultaneously on an RF carrier frequency. This information comes from a November 1959 document. We quote:

CRANE: “We are building various pieces of test equipment for the new Frequency Instrument and as planned now - it will only have one switch to turn it off and on. Everything else will be accomplished internally - all frequencies will be crystal controlled with 10 frequencies riding the same carrier wave simultaneously. 100% modulation is our goal which is the point of maximum transmission of energy.” (Letter from John Crane to Dr. Robert P. Stafford dated Nov 14 1959.)

Though running multiple RF (Radio Frequencies) was not a new concept in the 1950’s the running of multiple audio frequencies was. Dr. Rife had been running multiple RF frequencies with a fixed audio frequency used to gate those high RF frequencies. He did this in his Rife Ray #1 through Rife Ray #4 machines in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical machine was built in 1936 and it was built with the first variable audio oscillator. Now in the 1950’s this was the first time that a machine was being built that would run 10 audio frequencies simultaneously. To show that Dr. Rife had already been running multiple RF frequencies simultaneously we will read the document "Development of the Rife Ray" and it will show that Dr. Rife had been running multiple RF frequencies on microorganisms in his lab work:

DEVELOPMENT OF THE RIFE RAY: "In 1935 in entirely new application of the old principle was incorporated in an instrument built under the direction of Commander Rife by Philip Hoyland of Pasadena California. The new instrument was light socket powered and had an output of 500 Watts. Designated #4. [Rife Ray #4]. Furthermore it was equipped to deliver two distinct frequencies simultaneously and both variable. This apparatus proved to be more efficient with decidedly fewer factors of error in the laboratory tests using 75 pounds of horse meat." (Development of the Rife Ray and use in devitalizing pathogenic micro-organisms).

This document clearly shows that Dr. Rife had been running multiple RF frequencies simultaneously. On the John Marsh Rife audio CD's Dr. Rife discussed the fact that the tuberculosis organism had both a rod form and a virus form and that they would run both of these frequencies simultaneously in order to kill these organisms. We quote:

RIFE: "We found the frequency of the virus, we found the frequency of the rod, which we had for years of course. But if we use the two of them simultaneously over the same carrier wave, the patient gets well and the Guinea pig gets well, but if you use one or either individually you either kill the patient or you don't do nothing."

These documents show that multiple RF and audio frequencies were being run in different machines that Dr. Rife built. Some believe that running more than one frequency at a time is not a viable concept. But if it was not a viable concept or method then Dr. Rife would have never been able to devitalize any of the microorganisms using it as he stated in the above quote. The fact that Dr. Rife said it worked when he tested it should answer any question about it being a viable method. When the 1936 Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical machine was built it could produce up to 100 high RF frequencies simultaneously. Dr. Rife’s engineer, Philip Hoyland, use this new design in order to hide Dr. Rife’s frequencies simultaneously. This method and machine is discussed in Chapter 9.

Chapter Summary: In the 1950's the concept of running multiple audio frequencies was developed. Dr. Rife tested and use audio frequencies in his instruments. Primarily the audio frequency was modulated onto the high RF frequency to create a pulse or gate in the higher RF or radio frequencies he was using to devitalize the various microorganisms. When his engineer, Philip Hoyland, developed the new Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray Clinical instrument the audio frequencies were used to produce Dr. Rife’s High RF frequencies through harmonic sidebands.

In the next chapter we will look at Dr. Rife's first frequency instrument called the Rife Ray #1 and how he was able to devitalize his first microorganism using it.