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Dr. Adolfo Torres Lara M.D., Newspaper Article


Translated from "El Heraldo" newspaper Tijuana, Baja California, January 5, 1958,
no. 4885 regarding Dr. Adolfo Torres Lara, M.D. Cancer and Diabetes Specialist.

Dr. Adolfo Torres Lara fights disease that hurts people of the Mexican territory and the United States with instruments of electronic apparatus. Disease and sickness undoubtably was born with each generation and scientists have to fight with new methods and other people have to fight with whatever means they have at hand. One of the doctors who has devoted his life to humanity is Dr. Adolfo Torres Lara of Colonia Moreles, Alta Mrano no. 370, Tijuana, Baja California. He has been treating cancer for 18 years. The newspaper does not accept any responsibility for anything that Dr. Lara reveals in this article.

Dr. Lara uses in his therapy, electronic apparatus like the electrical knife and the Frequency Instrument which illustrates the mystery of his activities. A diathermy instrument has pads which are covered with sterilized cloth. In his office there has been places where cases of cancer have been treated by various methods. During the years of his experience with surgery, he has been using and has concluded that the electrical knife is best for most of the cases. He has invented a chemical mixture which the patient drinks as a medicine to aid the rest of the electronic treatments. His diathermy machine gives off variable heat. This instrument contains electrical wiring which connects to the electrical knife. The healing of cancer occurs after the knife is used because the current prevents the spread of cancer after the operation. It is an unusual method.

In another room he has a Frequency Instrument that was invented by R. R. Rife who also has invented the most powerful optical microscope in the world. The Frequency Instrument is approx. 12 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 26 inches in length and has switches, dials and cables which connect to an applicator tube. The Frequency Instrument has been used for many other diseases as well as cancer. It is the only Frequency Instrument here in Mexico; has been used to cure many liver cases which are known to be impossible for science to control. The frequency vibrations that emanate from the applicator tube destroys and devitalizes the bacteria and virus germs curing hopeless sickness cases that have been given up as hopeless by other medical doctors.

In many cases the patient has been cured as a result of his long experience and study in treating these patients and he has read of numerous cases of famous doctors who have treated cancer; cancer specialists in Mexico and America such as Dr. R. R. Rife of San Diego, and Dr. George Cryle Jr. of the Cleveland Clinic. He is very pleased to have these relationships with these doctors from their writings. Dr. Lara has written a very important book "Cancer the Scourge to Humanity" and he is a modest man and lives modestly. He likes to use the Frequency Instrument invented by Dr. Rife. Many doctors in Mexico do not collaborate with him on this instrument because the device is so new and they are slow to progress as a result of the Medical Society backwardness.

The woman show in the photograph was completely cured of cancer after both breasts had been removed (one with the cold knife and one with the electrical knife) and the cancer was spreading and swelling up her arms. The cure was effected with the Frequency Instrument without any additional surgery necessary.

His advice for cancer constitutes the last word for that terrible disease. He has the latest word in the treatment of this sickness. He has introduced new methods that no other doctor has used. In all cases of cancer, surgery is considered when it is necessary to remove a tumor. When in time, that the tumor or hard mass has to be removed, it is better to use the electrical knife. This is the way to operate on cancer of the breast. The electrical knife prevents cancer from continuing to grow as loss of blood is eliminated and there is no absorption in the tumor. Then it is difficult for cancer to reproduce where the operation occurs. Lots of tumors could be stopped by the electrical current. The uterus, when operated on this way gives 23.3% mortality. Between the breast and the uterus the mortality from cancer is 50%. Lots of tumors require X-ray, electronic current and chemical therapy. Since 1939 he has been taking care of cancer patients in the area of the breast and the uterus. In man; stomach cancer gives 22.4% mortality the lungs 17.7%; the intestinal tract 14.3%. The cancer cases of the stomach are the ones that have no cure. They do not live more than 5 years in 5% of the cases. In the lungs the cancer cells are considered to be 2 cubic centimeters in size. In 2 cubic centimeters there are approximately 230 million cancer cells. They reproduce easily after an operation. In lots of those cases and in liver cancers of men and women, the Frequency Instrument is useful that Dr. Rife has discovered. Of all the cases that he knows, he has 2/3rds with good health and 1/3rds mortality; but in cases he has used the methods which are considered best for the patients like they are using in New York, Boston and Mexico the results are significantly lower.

He has the addresses of persons in good health and many of them live in Tijuana now. Many doctors know of these cases because many saw the result when he was working in the hospital of Miguel Alemain (in Tijuana). The doctors are just a bunch of quacks who will operate for dollars - every operation leaves dollars and more dollars to the surgeon. In one case, the wife of the Philippine President came to the finest clinic in the United States and the operations were "brilliant" and she died and that is the story of most all of the cancers that they operate on and do for. In most cases in all of his (Dr Lara's) experience his methods are the only true cure that he can recognize for most cancer patients. In most all cases after another surgeon operates with the "cold knife" they may get better - it might help for awhile but cancer usually comes back every time and they eventually die. This kind of medical profession is false and cancer is their biggest racket. The doctors don't want to use the Frequency Instrument because it constitutes a cheap medium of cure - the operations produce more money which influences their business. Their operations are their glory. They look for the glory of their operations. The people could be cured in an easy simple way but this would ruin their business - they want money. When you are operated on, you take the chances and the doctors get the money. The money making is more important to them than the references. Cancer is the cause of all this. There are no other statistics that will save this many people that can say that 2/3rds can be cured, even in New York, or Boston, or the capitol of Mexico where any other method is used.



By Dr. Adolfo Torres Larat M.D. Translated from "El Heraldo" newspaper,
Tijuana, Baja, California ; January 12, 1958, no. 4892, page A-4.

The better treatment of cancer is made in the Scandinavian country in the Swedish city of Stockholm and in the cities of New York and Boston in the USA. However all the doctors come to the conclusion that the patient unfortunately lets a considerable amount of time pass, even after the disease has been contracted; when the patient knows that the disease is far advanced, a trip is then made to the doctor’s office and the doctor can do nothing.

In my country and in parts in which I have practiced my profession which was in Mexico City and in the City of Tijuana, the patients and the families of the same pay $500 to $4000.00 for a car but they do not want to waste any money on themselves knowing that preventative treatments could free them of cancer. When cancer is in its worst stage it is a disease that is serious and costs a great deal of money. X-Ray lots of times or the deep therapy and the operations with the electrical knife cannot be had free for the simple reason that the equipment costs thousands of dollars and the financial problems of human existence are getting worse.

Another inconvenient burden of diagnosis and treatment is encountered in the church which is in the hands of Luther. The people in charge make the same diagnosis and treatment which starts with the terrible treatment of classical surgery. The only thing that this accomplishes is to convert cancer from the first degree to the fourth degree or worst stage with all the series of tremendous complications that spread cancer to all the organs that before the operation were not infected. As an example I have observed a woman of "Colonia Libertad" who was operated on for liver ailments. After the operation cancer developed in her uterus. She had never had pain in this region before the orperation. This lady did not die from the operation. She had a very large cancer in her uterus and was in the best of her years not having yet reached the age of 40. In a great many cases, the surgical doctors who operate have blind ambitions to start and never finish as long as there is something left to cut on in the patient’s body. Just this last year I sent a Chinese patient to a clinic so they could make an X-ray study of him for me here in Tijuana. He wasn't even conscious when I was called for the first time to see this patient and he was 70 years old. He had cancer of the lung with severe pain all up and down his spine being bothered mostly on his right side so that he couldn't even do anything for himself because of this terrible pain. My patient never came back with the X-ray studies. First they had collected $700.00 and he was operated on that same day and he died during the operation. In my opinion the patient did not have any benefit from this malpractice of any kind with his death. The only benefit was for the surgeon because his brother paid the $700.00 for nothing.

In the United States where they have the surgical knowledge of specialists like Wagnesteen and other famous surgeons in the Lahey clinic in Boston, they let it be known that death is certain and they could accomplish more with simple operations. The resolution of cancer cases is not recommended for poor mentality. They see these problems like any other problem such as the problems of classical surgery, like something that does not reproduce itself once the operation is completed. In the cancer problem, the first thing you have to think is that when you operate, it will spread and reproduce and be distributed to all the organs and if a person is going to die or live and will suffer more by operating - why operate?

In general the person who has cancer does not know of the tremendous sickness that he has and would like someone to consult him at his job. Quite a few years ago on 2nd street there was a clerk in a little store who had a small tumor on his lip. I used to visit that store to buy things and this man wanted to consult me. My office was just one half block away from the store and so I told him to come and see me and I would help him, but he never came. The tumor kept on growing and a local doctor operated. At the time he received x-ray treatments also. After the diagnosis and treatment with the equipment the cancer was distributed to his organs and the person died with the pain all over his face and throughout his body. They did nothing for him.

After operating on breast cancers many surgeons of San Diego require of their patients more and more operations. They say “to prevent further pain.” Patients of Tijuana have suffered operation after operation that has killed the patients without obtaining any relief from pain.

It does not matter if the operations are made in Catholic Institutions, Protestants or any other religion. In many cases the high fees paid leave the patients and their families destitute without any money. The only thing I know is that in those institutions some of their fees may be $90 dollars per day with added bills of thousands of dollars for radium treatments and the like.

The study of anatomy and making tumor tests is first necessary before proceeding with an operation. The biopsy and the study of the nature of the pathology of the tumor never should be accomplished without immediately cleaning the section from which the ball of D' Arsonval has been taken. Forgetting this small detail can be costly.
In all the cases that I have mentioned in this paper the errors were in not making adequate tests before the operation. In the case of the patient, he neglected to consult the doctor before it was too late. In the case of the doctor, he had no notion of the patient having cancer. In the case of the doctor giving x-ray treatments, he applied an excessive amount of current which spread the cancer throughout the patients system and which was the wrong therapy. In this way a great many patients immediately allow cancer to run wild through all their organs and they find themselves in the last stages of cancer.

In the last issue of the post-graduate medical journal there is a conversation with an x-ray doctor and a surgeon for the treatment of cancer of the lips and face stating that the treatments in use right now on patients do not allow them to live over five years and it comes as an explanation that they do not use the electrical knife that Kelly and Ward of the United States and also Franz Keyser of Argentina have honored.


Dr. Rife and Dr. Lara's discussion about cancer can be found on the Rife audio CD's on this site.

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