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Star News,
November 21, 1931

[Rife] Microscope
Power Will Aid Work

Great Vision Expansion Made Possible
Bacteriology Study Help Seen in Invention
Star News, November 21, 1931

Experimentation with a microscope said to be eight times as powerful as any yet made is going on at Pasadena Hospital, with two-out-of town experts doing experimenting. They are Dr. Arthur I Kendall, bacteriologist of Northwestern University and Dr. Royal R. Rife of San Diego. They share their stay in Pasadena-they are guests of Dr. Milbank Johnson, 600 Burleigh drive.

The developer of the instrument is Dr. Rife, who has been interested for years in optics, and as [has] developed at present, the microscope is reported to have a visual magnifying power of 17,000 diameters. The magnifying power of the commercial instruments at present is 2000 diameters, it is pointed out.

Reveals Minute Life

As showing the great power of the Rife microscope, it is capable of making the tiniest insect, say one – 100,000th of an inch in diameter, appear about as big as a ladybug, or one-sixth of an inch across. And ant looks a formidable animal under this greatly magnifying spyglass and can be studied in considerable detail.

The Rife instrument makes use of quartz prisms in breaking up the light-waves. Thus, minute objects which up to now have been considered beyond the range of human vision, even with the most efficient equipment, are brought to view.

Will Aid Research

Its use is expected open a much wider range of study in the fields of bacteriology and other branches of research. Already since becoming associated here with Dr. Rife in his experiments, Dr. Kendall has worked out a number of important results which he expects to report upon at the meeting of the Southern California medical men soon to be held.

The San Diego experimenter’s work on improving microscopic instruments has been going on for about 14 years. When Dr. Kendall heard about his success he got in touch with the San Diegan and arranged the meeting in Pasadena where hospital facilities were promptly made available.

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