The Rife Machine Report

Chapter #4

Are Dr. Rife's RF
frequencies Safe to use?

Rife Machine correct RF frequencies

In the chart, shown above, are seventeen of Dr. Rife's original high RF or radio frequencies which he used on the various microorganisms. Today there are some people who profess to believe in Dr. Rife and his method of using coordinative resonance but they also claim that RF or Radio frequencies are harmful. They claim that these RF or radio frequencies that Dr. Rife used produce harmful Microwaves. They also claim that it does not matter which method is used, metal hand cylinders or Dr. Rife's plasma ray tube, both methods produce harmful Microwaves. Even the most basic person who knows very little about this subject using the above chart as a guide, in 10 minutes of searching on the internet, could discover that this information is false.

It is interesting to note that this incorrect information comes from people who sell machines that are not capable of outputting any of Dr. Rife's original high RF or Radio frequencies. It appears that because their frequency generators cannot produce Dr. Rife's frequencies they have decided to make these incorrect statements in order to try and compete with frequency generators that can output Dr. Rife's original frequencies. It is too bad that this type of misleading information is used to promote frequency generators which cannot stand on their own merits.

This kind of misleading information does a great disservice to Dr. Rife and the methods which are used by people who use his frequencies. These methods are:

1. Using low audio frequencies with no RF carrier frequency.

2. Using audio frequencies with a high RF carrier frequency.

3. Using High RF frequencies without the use of an RF carrier frequency.

The frequency generators that these companies build use only "Low Audio Frequencies" without any RF carrier frequency capability. They use the low audio frequencies which were used in the Rife Ray #5 or Beam Ray clinical Rife Machine and the 1953 AZ-58 instrument. But they ignore and do not recognize the importance of the RF carrier frequency Dr. Rife's machines used. (These "Low Audio Frequencies" will be discussed later).

Below are some statements we have found that are good examples of the incorrect information that Dr. Rife's RF or radio frequencies produce Microwaves. We quote:

“Radio Frequencies are dangerous and they are not used for Rifing.”

"It is our experience that broadcast machines are not appropriate for Rife therapy, as they were intended only to treat the microscope, in the pursuit of proof for the theory of frequency. These “ray” machines use a carrier wave, (AM radio broadcast wave) either producing microwave, or the harmonics of microwave, which can kill human cells, and kills brain cells most readily. These machines may produce some limited effect, but the risks greatly exceed the potential benefits they are capable of.

Broadcast machines, also called ray beam, ray tube, plasma devices, and any other device that uses a carrier wave to deliver frequency to the body, should not be permitted at all because they cause memory loss, brain damage, and kills cells in the reproductive organs. It is much the same energy that one would receive being too close to a radio, or TV broadcast tower. Frequencies that even approach microwave, are not healthful for therapeutic purposes.

This is the reason why we do not make a broadcast device, and we never will. It is simply much too dangerous. Royal Rife, John Crane, and others who worked with them for years, have all died in a terrible diminished state of mental acuity. Alcoholism, erratic behavior, dementia, and stupidity seem to be common among them."

Here in these quoted statements we see the misleading and incorrect information that Dr. Rife's RF or radio frequencies produced Microwaves. All the scientific tests that have be done show that Dr. Rife's ray tube absolutely does not produce these harmful rays. In addition to this, some claim that the Ray tube Dr. Rife used also produces harmful X-Rays. Not only did Dr. Rife's ray tube NOT output Microwaves it also does NOT output X-Rays either. Though Dr. Rife used reconditioned X-Ray tubes they did NOT produce X-Rays or microwaves. He filled these ray tubes with noble gases such as Helium, Argon and Neon. These noble gases do not produce any harmful Microwaves or X-Rays. Light bulbs, commonly called Neon light bulbs are used every day all over the world and if they produced harmful X-Rays or Microwaves they would not be in use.

As we discuss this incorrect information we will backup all of our statements by documented facts that will prove this thinking is totally false. Below, at the end of this quote is a link to a 1958 document where the ray tube was tested by a laboratory for any harmful rays. We quote the most important part of that document.

RAY TUBE DOCUMENT: "Since this (Frequency Instrument) X-Ray tube contains some gas, a discharge occurs and the electrodes become hot. It must be emphasized however, that energizing the tube under these conditions does not produce any X-Rays. As a physicist I can state that this would have no significant effect upon any body placed nearby. This device is a low powered radio transmitter equipped with a "Ray Tube" which produces no X-Rays. Its construction is typical of radio gear, whose dials merely change audio-modulation frequency of the radio carrier. The instruments construction is typical of radio transmitters and is not capable of producing any other known form of radiation." Signed: D.C. Kalbfell Ph.D, President, 16 Aug 58. Data for: Calif. State Board of Public Health, Berkeley, Calif."

In 1972 John Marsh had the same type of test done on the ray tube at the request of the doctors who wanted to use his newer style ray tube instrument model JLMSQ-1A which replace the 1950's AZ-58 model. The company that performed this test was "AccureX Mobile Inspection Service Radiographic Laboratory." This company also used film to test for X-radiation and we have included photos of this film. All of the tests were performed at "Beach Aircraft Facilities." We quote from that document:

ACCUREX: "Unit was energized for five (5) minutes at 2128 cps and monitored with Gieger Counter and Gamma Survey meter. No X-radiation registered.

Film packets were placed in contact with the tube...and in various other points of contact within the console...and in contact with the power supply. The unit was energized for twenty (20) minutes. Film was developed for six (6) minutes at 20 degrees C in new Ansco Liquidol developer and new Ansco Liquifix fixing solution. After wash film was dried in normal procedures. No darkening of film due to X-radiation was shown. Film was clear.

The conclusion is that unit...and its components DO NOT emit detectable X-radiation when checked with standard instrumentation." (AccureX Mobile Inspection Service Radiographic Laboratory document. Film photos showing no X-Ray radiation).

Both of these tests which were done in 1958 and 1972 conclusively show that Dr. Rife's ray tube and instruments did not produce any X-rays. All of the doctors including Dr. Robert P. Stafford insisted that the ray tube be tested for harmful rays before they would use Dr. Rife's ray tube instrument on patients in clinical tests. This is the reason that Dr. Rife and his two 1950's business partners, John Crane and John Marsh, had these laboratory tests done on Dr. Rife's ray tube instrument. Safety was their number one concern. Dr. Rife had these same tests done in the 1920's and 1930's. Below is a link to a page on this site called "Doctors who used the Rife machine on their patients." On this page you will find links to many doctors who used Dr. Rife's ray tube instrument on their patients without any harmful effects.

Doctors who used the Rife Machine on their patients

None of these doctors on the above page ever died in a diminished state of stupidity as claimed. Dr. Rife made these two statements about the safety of his ray tube instrument. We quote:

RIFE:I stood in front of that thing for thirty years finding these different frequencies that devitalize these different bacteria. And that thing [RF ray tube] was shooting on me right here [his chest], but it is absolutely harmless to normal tissue and each individual bacteria requiring a different frequency to devitalize.” (John Marsh Rife CD's)

To listen to Dr. Rife's actual voice making this statement from the Rife CD's click here.

RIFE: “I have operated the frequency instrument since 1921. I have watched it advance in style and performance with the advancement of electronics. In the many years I have used this equipment in my research, I have never suffered an injury or any ill effects whatsoever. I found it reliable in performance and efficient in results.” (Letter from Dr. Rife to Dr. Justin Stein, July 2, 1956)

From the above two statements we can see that Dr. Rife knew that his ray tube instrument was safe to use. Dr. Rife lived to be 83. James B. Couche lived to be 87 and Dr. Robert P. Stafford lived to be 88 years old. All of these men lived to be very old and there certainly was no sign of dementia, brain damage, memory loss or stupidity with any of them. Why anyone would make these statements makes no sense unless they are trying to convince people that their limited frequency equipment, which cannot output any of Dr. Rife's original frequencies, is a "Rife Machine."

Because all of Dr. Rife's original frequencies, known as M.O.R's (Mortal Oscillatory Rates) were RF or Radio frequencies which ranged from 139,200 Hertz to 1,607,450 Hertz it was impossible to not use RF or radio frequency if you wanted to use them. Dr. Rife's machine used a ray tube with the option of running a single frequency or multiple frequencies. It also had the ability to use an RF carrier frequency. Dr. Rife's original frequencies were all in the A.M. radio band as pointed out by this company in their quote. But contrary to their incorrect information A.M. radio stations do not operate in the Microwave band. This is not speculation on our part; it is absolute scientific fact and can be easily proven. A.M. radio stations frequency bands have been safely used for almost 100 years. The A.M. radio station frequency range is from about 540,000 Hertz or cycles per-second to 1,710,000 Hertz or cycles per-second. You can read about this frequency range at the three links below.




FM Radio stations do not output Microwaves either. F.M. radio stations generally operate between 87.5 million Hertz to 108 million Hertz (87.5 to 108 MHz or Megahertz). You can also read about this frequency range at the next three links below.




If you read the above pages then you know that both the A.M. and F.M. band of frequencies are not in the microwave range.

Now that we have shown beyond question that Dr. Rife's frequency instrument did not output X-Rays or Microwaves from his ray tube we will discuss a few more facts. In 1936 Dr. Rife's engineer, Philip Hoyland, took Dr. Rife's original frequencies and multiplied them up in harmonic steps into the "Short Wave band." This frequency band ranges from 2.3 million Hertz to 26.1 million Hertz (2.3 MHz to 26.1 MHz or Megahertz). The 3 MHz or 3 million Hertz range was specifically used in the instruments that were sold to the medical doctors who used Dr. Rife's machines. You can read about Dr. Rife's frequencies at the link below.

Dr. Rife's True Original Frequencies

Now we will again go to Wikipedia and other sources and there we will find the frequency range of the Microwave band. The lowest microwave frequency band starts at the 300 million Hertz range and it is generally considered to be from 1 Gigahertz to 30 gigahertz and can go as high as 40 gigahertz. Below is their quote:

MICROWAVES: "Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to as short as one millimeter, or equivalently, with frequencies between 300 MHz (300 megahertz or 0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz [a GHz or Gigahertz is a 1000 MHz or Megahertz]. This broad definition includes both UHF and EHF (millimeter waves), and various sources use different boundaries. In all cases, microwave includes the entire SHF band (3 to 30 GHz, or 10 to 1 cm) at minimum, with RF engineering often putting the lower boundary at 1 GHz (30 cm), and the upper around 100 GHz (3 mm)."



Since none of Dr. Rife's frequencies were above 20 million Hertz and this range is 280 million Hertz lower than the lowest microwave range it is impossible for Dr. Rife's frequencies which he used for the various microorganisms to be in the Microwave band. If his frequencies are NOT in the Microwave band then his ray tube could not have output Microwave frequencies.

Below are three charts that show the various frequency spectrums. You will notice that the microwave spectrum is above the A.M. radio spectrum which all of Dr. Rife's frequencies are in. You will notice that the X-Ray spectrum is even higher than the Microwave spectrum.

Rife Frequency Spectrum
AM Radio Spectrum
Microwave Letter band

In 1958 a letter was sent to the Department of Public Healh in California from "Radiation Detection Co. We quote:

RADIATION DETECTION CO: "As requested I have reviewed the information provided by your office on the AZ-58 Freq. Inst. from the view point of possible hazards from ionizing and or radio frequency radiations.

Based primarily on the data given in the report of the 3D Testing Labs Inc. Material Engineering Report dated June 18, 1958, it is my opinion that the instrument does not produce hazardous quantities of ionizing and or radio frequency." (Letter from Francis R. Holden, PhD President Radiation Detection Co.).

All of the reports and letters we have quoted show that Dr. Rife's ray tube no harmful X-Rays or harmful radio frequency radiation in the form of Microwaves. We could give more proof that Dr. Rife's ray tube did NOT produce any Microwaves or X-Rays but we believe what we have given is sufficient. All of this documented information easily shows that any information from any person that promotes the idea that Dr. Rife's ray tube or his frequencies output Microwaves or X-Rays is false and incorrect. Dr. Rife's ray tube, which used an RF or radio carrier frequency, was and still is as safe to use as a Neon light bulb.

The idea that high RF frequencies or a carrier wave is un-necessary would eliminate the whole method Dr. Rife used to devitalize microorganisms. Dr. Rife’s lab notes show that he only had one frequency in the non-RF audio range. All the rest were high RF frequencies. What most people do not understand is the fact that this single audio frequency was used with an RF carrier frequency. It is hard to understand how these people can put down the RF carrier frequency method Dr. Rife used in the 1930’s through the 1950’s.

When it comes to Dr. Rife and the method he used in his Rife Machine you cannot “have your cake and eat it too.” Dr. Rife’s principles were all based on coordinative resonance from RF frequencies. Any method used which does not use RF frequencies cannot be called Dr. Rife’s method nor can it truly be called a "Rife Machine." Today, regardless of the method used, people call their instruments “Rife Machines” no matter how they are built. Dr. Rife specifically asked that his name not be put on any instrument, yet this is exactly what people do. There is nothing wrong with people building non RF instruments, but claiming that RF is bad or unsafe just to sell their instruments is where the problem lies. Dr. Rife’s Colin B. Kennedy equipment (which will be discussed later in detail) had a frequency range of about 12,000 hertz to about 2,000,000 hertz. With this equipment Dr. Rife found the many frequencies (as shown in the chart at the beginning of this chapter) that would eliminate or devitalize the various organisms he tested.

Anyone who understands anything about frequencies knows that Dr. Rife's frequencies were RF or radio frequencies. It is impossible to build an instrument that could output these frequencies of Dr. Rife's without using RF frequencies. Every one of Dr. Rife's instruments from the Rife Ray #1 to the Rife Ray #5 used RF frequencies. This is a fact of history and it cannot be changed. Yet there are some who are so foolish as to state that RF instruments such as Dr. Rife's instruments are "Dangerous Rife Machines." It is hard to believe that this is being said by some who claim to be selling "Rife Machines." It is obvious that they know very little about Dr. Rife and his methods. All of the frequencies that Dr. Rife used were in the AM radio band of frequencies. If they were dangerous then we would not have any AM radio stations on the air today. AM radio stations have been around for almost 100 years. If these frequencies were dangerous then people would have been falling dead all over the place for the last 100 years. This is how foolish the idea is that Dr. Rife's RF frequencies and instruments were dangerous.

It is clear that people who have written this false information know nothing about Dr. Rife or his equipment. In this report we have no ax to grind other than to point out how foolish some of this false information is which is being written by those who claim to know a great deal about Dr. Rife. There is a lot of nonsense being written by some people in order to try and sell some kind of so called "Rife Machine”.

In Dr. Rife’s tests he would have naturally started in the low frequency range and slowly worked his way higher up in the frequency bands until he found a frequency that would devitalize the organism. All of the frequencies that he found were in the RF range. They went from 139,200 Hertz for Anthrax to 1,604,000 Hertz for the BX cancer virus (This frequency range was taken from the Rife Ray #4 documents). It was only these frequencies that Dr. Rife found that would resonate the organisms and devitalize them. Since Dr. Rife found that only these RF frequencies would resonate and kill the organism then it is impossible to separate RF from coordinative resonance. It would also be impossible to build an instrument that truly worked on Dr. Rife’s principles without the use of RF or radio frequencies.

Back in 1989 there was an article published in the "QST" magazine called "Is Amateur Radio Hazardous to our Health?" This article is also used by some to say that RF frequencies are unsafe and should not be used. The link below is to this article.

Is Amateur Radio Hazardous to our Health?

This paper is worth reading. But a few things should also be taken into consideration. If people do not read it carefully they will come away with the idea that all frequencies may be unsafe to use including audio frequencies in the ranges that are being used today by all the so called "Rife Machines." According to this paper any frequency we use, whether RF or audio, may be unsafe. One thing that anyone reading this article will notice is that there are so many variables that may have caused the health problems discussed in this article that it is impossible to know anything for certain. It points out that from information taken from death records that amateur radio operators had a slightly higher death rate from leukemia and prostate cancer. There were other cancers that had a definite disproportional rate but it is pointed out that they believe that these were caused by other factors. We quote:

QST: "Likewise, the overall death rate for all forms of cancer among amateurs was not significantly different from the larger population. However, within this cancer death rate, there was a definite disproportion of deaths due to cancers of "other" lymphatic tissues, such as multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. The death rate for all leukemias was only slightly, but not statistically significantly, increased. Among those leukemias, however, one form particularly (acute myelogenous leukemia) was significantly increased. It was concluded that the increased number of only these highly specific forms of blood disorders, and not others, suggests that a biological cause and effect is present. It is not possible to make a direct analysis of any occupational link with these excess deaths...

It was pointed out that workers in these occupations also were exposed to other possible hazards, such as fumes from solder and toxic chemicals such as the polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) and asbestos, any of which in themselves might conceivably cause cancer as well."

From this quote we find that the increase in cancers is mostly believed to be from "a biological cause and effect" and not from exposure to RF frequencies. The biological factors appear to be exposure to hazards, such as fumes from solder and toxic chemicals such as PCBs and asbestos. Most amateur radio operators do a lot of soldering and have many electronic projects that they enjoy building. Because of these facts it is impossible to say that Amateur Radio is Hazardous to our Health. Yet, there are those who use these types of written articles to say that Dr. Rife's RF frequencies are unsafe to use, but the evidence just does not prove this thinking. All the doctors who used Dr. Rife's machines on their patients would disagree with this thinking.

We must also state that in this paper they point out that RF carrier frequencies in the 147 MHz to 450 MHz (147,000,000 to 450,000,000 Hertz) range when used with low audio frequencies may be harmful. But this should not concern people because Dr. Rife never used these high carrier frequency ranges in his machines. The RF machines built today do not use RF carrier frequencies higher than 27 MHz and this is far below this 147 to 450 MHz range. Even the AM Radio band of frequencies ranges from 540,000 Hertz to 1,700,000 Hertz range. The FM Radio range is from 87.5 million Hertz to 108 million Hertz. Both of these frequency bands have been safely used for over 75 years. With anything there will be some risk. We do not live in a perfect world but the benefits far outweigh the risks.

In order to show the safety of Dr. Rife’s work and frequencies we must point out that Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D. also used Dr. Rife's machine for many years, conducting many clinics, and found the instrument safe to use. Dr. James B. Couche, M.D. used the instrument in his private practice for over 22 years on thousands of patients and he said the instrument was safe to use. Dr. Tully, D.D.S. purchased one of Dr. Couche’s instruments and used it for several years on his patients and he said that he found it completely safe to use. Dr. Robert P. Stafford, M.D. used the frequency instrument for over 5 years and also expressed that he found the instrument completely safe to use. These statements along with Dr. Rife’s statement, that we quoted above, show that Dr. Rife found that his RF frequencies in the ranges he used were as safe to use as the frequencies output by any radio station. Radio station frequencies are broadcast through the air day and night passing through our homes without any harm to the human body. There may be some people with RF sensitivity but this does not mean that RF is unsafe to use. This only means that these people are sensitive to RF and should avoid it if they find a problem using it.

Chapter Summary: An instrument that does not output Dr. Rife's RF frequencies is not a "Rife Machine" in the strictest sense of the word. Neither can it resonate the microorganisms that Dr. Rife proved could be devitalized with his RF frequencies. None of Dr. Rife's RF instruments ever put out frequencies in the "Microwave band" or "X-Ray band" of frequencies. Dr. Rife found that his frequencies and the power levels he used in his instruments were safe to use. Non RF frequency generators appear to be very good instruments and help many people but they do not work on the same methods and principles that Dr. Rife used.

Many people have wondered if Dr. Rife ever used audio frequencies. In the next chapter we will discuss the documents that show that Dr. Rife used audio frequencies with his equipment.