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Arthur W. Yale, M.D.

Dr. Arthur W. Yale M.D. Talks About Using The Rife Machine On His Patients


ARTHUR W. YALE, M.D., San Diego

Read before the California State Homoeopathic Medical Society, May 17, 1940.

MR. ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE spent nine years searching for the virus of cancer. In 1932 he at last succeeded in the isolation of B.X., the filterable virus of carcinoma. He has since made in excess of four hundred transplants of virus from human cancers in animals and produced the typical tumor from which the virus was isolated. Mr. Rife does not claim that the so-called B.X. is actually the cause of cancer, but he is able to demonstrate that it is present in all advanced cases of malignant growths. He also demonstrated that this filterable virus can be changed, by changing the media, to fungi which resembles the fungi of the mushroom and the orchid. He has been working on the origin of the filterable virus and believes it can be traced back to some so-called pathogenic micro-organism that we have with us at all times. The probability is that it is the bacillus coli. He states that he is convinced that it is the unbalanced metabolism of the human body that provides the media of the filterable virus of carcinoma and nurtures it through its pathological life cycle.

These experiments were only possible by the use of an ultra microscope which Mr. Rife constructed and which has a peak magnification of 31,000 times against the maximum of the standard laboratory microscope of 1600. For seventeen years Mr. Rife has experimented with vibratory waves of all frequencies, and has succeeded in finding a vibratory rate which will kill the different invading organisms of the body. The practical application of this was the production of a radio apparatus producing waves of different frequencies; which with their harmonics range from ten meters to twenty thousand meters. These waves are projected through a tube filled with helium gas and are efficient in destroying most organisms for at least one thousand feet. With this apparatus the patient suffering from a malignant growth can be bombarded with the frequency which will destroy the B.X. virus. Having used this apparatus for almost two years, the writer has had the satisfaction of witnessing the disappearance of every malignant growth, where the patient has remained under treatment, these included epitheliomas, carcinomas and some of undetermined origin.

As the foregoing is an entirely new theory of the origin and cause of cancer, and the treatment and results have been so unique and unbelievable, the writer wishes to make this preliminary report to the members of the California State Homoeopathic Medical Society, in the hope that after further research we may eliminate the second largest cause of deaths in the United States and the alienation of all pain and suffering connected therewith. It is noted that after the third or fourth treatment all pain disappears.

In my forty years of practice I have always made a careful quantative urinalysis and I have never found the urea to be above 25 per cent of normal in any case of malignancy. This bears out the foregoing statement of Raymond R. Rife: "That the B.X. virus of cancer is due to the unbalanced chemical metabolism of the human body."

In cases where the lymphatic glands were enlarged or where a large mass of tissue was involved, the writer has supplemented the Rife ray with the X-ray to increase the contraction and absorption of the glandular mass. The dosage being two M.A. at thirty inches at 120 K.V. once a week. Also the metabolism of the patient has been increased by the use of the static wave current three times a week. It is only fair to state that I have been using this method of treatment for over 35 years, but since this has been supplemented by the use of the Rife ray the masses have disappeared in about one-tenth of the time and so far with no reoccurrences: also some of the cases were treated without any other modality but the Rife ray; so it appears to the writer that the credit for the disappearance of the growths should be given to the destruction of the B.X. virus.

For purpose of elucidating, a few of the more remarkable cases are given in detail.

(1). Mrs. L., age 49 years, came to me on June 5, 1939. She complained of pains in the stomach, probably had ulcers of the stomach in Chicago seven years ago, fibroid tumor of the uterus removed by hysterectomy eight years ago. X-ray picture showed a mass the size of a cantaloupe at pyloric and of the stomach, this mass was distinctly palpable, pains were produced by slightest pressure. Urinalysis showed quantity-2 quarts specific gravity 1.015, urea-.005. This patient could not eat and was living off small amounts of liquid food, marked cachexia. Treatments were commenced immediately, Rife-ray and static three times a week and X-ray once a week. Pain rapidly disappeared and on October 20, 1939, a picture was made showing the entire mass had disappeared, patient's appetite is normal and has continued in excellent health.

(2). Mrs. A., age 59 years, came to me on Jan. 7, 1939, markedly emaciated taking one tablespoon of liquid every few hours, having difficulty in retaining it, she had a gastro-enterostomy years ago, a mass was formed at the seat of operation and excruciating pain at the slightest palpitation. Urinalysis showed quantity-11/4 quarts, specific gravity 1.023, urea .002. X-ray picture showed irregular shaped mass at pyloric end of the stomach the size of an orange with almost completed occlusion, the lymphatic involvement extending both upwards and downwards, Rife- ray and static treatments were given three times a week and X-ray once a week; pain disappeared, the woman could gradually eat more and more. At the end of five months the mass entirely disappeared, patient gained weight, acted as professional chaperone at a girls' camp at Lake Cuyamaca during the summer and has been in perfect health ever since.

(3). Mr. C" age 53 years, consulted me Oct, 14, 1939, he had his room engaged in a hospital for operation on the 16th, three of our leading surgeons had diagnosed the case as inoperable carcinoma of the rectum. There was a large irregular shaped mass in the rectum the size of a grapefruit which had to be pushed out of the way before he could have a stool, he was cachetic, had lost weight and was told that if he had a colostomy operation he would probably live three months. Urinalysis showed quantity-specific gravity 1.015, urea .012, Treatments were instituted, pain disappeared before the completion of the first week's treatment; treatment consisted of X-ray once a week, Rife-ray and static three times a week. He returned to his work as contractor. The entire mass disappeared at the end of sixty days and he has steadily gained in health and strength up to the present time.

(4). Mrs. J., age 58 years, came to me Dec, 6, 1937, with a growth on the nose measuring one-half inch in diameter. History was that one year ago hot fat burned the nose and after the bum healed this growth came and recently had been growing very rapidly. Urinalysis showed-quantity 2 1/2 qts., specific gravity 1.014, and urea .002. X-ray treatments of 10 M.A. 120 K. V, ten minutes, followed by static treatments every week. The growth diminished in size and finally disappeared. It came back in Sept. 1938, and a similar growth about one inch to the left of the nose on the left cheek. The patient had lost sight in her left eye and the case,was referred to Dr. Sherman, who diagnosed carcinoma of the retina. He advised immediate enucleation to save the right eye. X-ray treatments were initiated on the growths on the face but of course not on the eye. In October 1938, I installed the Rife ray machine and discontinued all treatments except the Rife ray three times a week in this case. In December the vision returned to the eye and Dr, Sherman said the growth had entirely disappeared, leaving a scar on the retina. In January 1939, Dr. Sherman reported that all the growth had disappeared and also the scar on the retina, and the vision was the same in both eyes.

(5). Three carcinomas of the breast have disappeared and five epitheliomas of the face, in addition to numerous other growths. I have quoted in detail the four cases which were far advanced, each one of which would probably have proved fatal within 90 days. All the cases are being constantly watched and so far there has been no sign of reoccurrence in any of them. In each case the homoeopathic remedy was prescribed on the symptoms present and Arum. Mur. Nat, 2x was given three times a day for its tonic effects. The effect of the Rife ray on all malignant growths is so remarkable and so universally satisfactory that I felt this society should have the first report and credit for advancing want evidently promises to be the first positive treatment for the ever increasing curse of cancer and it resulted in fatalities.


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