The Rife Machine Report

The Rife Machine Report

"A History of Rife's Instruments and Frequencies"


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"Introduction to the Rife Machine Report"

The information contained in this report came about because there were so many varying views on how Dr. Rife’s Machines worked. The effort to find out how Dr. Rife’s Machines worked began back in 2000. It started with the rebuilding of the 1950’s AZ-58 Rife Ray tube machine which was used by Dr. Rife and his two business partners, John Crane and John Marsh. The only way to actually find out how Dr. Rife’s machines really worked was to rebuild, from schematics, his instruments or analyze original equipment if it could be found. Over the past 10 years we were able to find almost all the original equipment Dr. Rife used and test it using oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. The information in this report is based on hard evidence, not speculation. Once you have an original piece of equipment and can analyze it using the proper electronic test equipment then the mystery of how it worked ends.

For those who want to know how Dr. Rife’s Machines worked you can now read this report and see the original equipment and learn how it worked. Most people will realize, after reading this report, that many instruments which are sold on the market today that are called “Rife Machines” do not work on Dr. Rife’s methods, principles or frequencies. Dr. Rife’s Machine used frequencies a great deal higher than the frequencies used in the so called modern “Rife Machines” sold today. We realize that this is a bold statement but the evidence in this report shows and proves that this is an accurate statement.

If someone calls their instrument a “Rife Machine” you can be certain that it is not one. This report shows that Dr. Rife used high RF or radio frequencies to obtain a true coordinative resonance with the organisms he worked on. Dr. Rife’s work also shows that RF is necessary to devitalize or eliminate the harmful microorganisms he worked with in his laboratory. Almost all the instruments sold today which are called “Rife Machines” use low audio frequencies. These low audio frequencies are not the correct frequencies that Dr. Rife found for the various microorganisms he worked on. People would be better off purchasing a frequency generator with a frequency range from at least 20 Hertz to 2,000,000 Hertz and use it rather than the so called “Rife Machines” sold today which are limited to about 30,000 Hertz. These higher range frequency generators are called electronic test equipment, not “Rife Machines.”

In this report we will examine the way Dr. Rife’s Machines were built by examining three original Rife Machines that have been found. We will look at the evidence by quoting the sources such as Dr. Rife, Dr. Milbank Johnson, M.D., John Crane, John Marsh, Dr. James B. Couche, M.D., Dr. Lara, M.D., Dr. Robert P. Stafford, M.D., and Bertrand L. Comparet (Dr. Rife’s attorney in the 1939 Beam Rays Corporation trial, and later John Crane’s attorney for Life Labs’ trial in 1961). Hopefully anyone who reads this article will have a better understanding about Dr. Rife and the methods he used. Our goal is to try to give people information so that they will know how Dr. Rife’s equipment worked so that they will not be fooled by all the misinformation that has been published on this subject. We have tried to explained everything in layman’s terms. The report is divided into 17 chapters for easy reading. After reading this report it will be easier to make a decision on the best frequency generator to purchase.

Many people are confused about all the instruments that are on the market which are called "Rife Machines". They often ask us who sells the best frequency generator on the market that will output all of Dr. Rife’s frequencies. Since we are not trying to be bias towards one particular instrument or another we have listed some frequency generators that are available on the market today according to their ability to output Dr. Rife's high RF frequencies. Since Dr. Rife's Rife Ray #3 and #4 machines output frequencies from about 139,200 Hertz to 1,608,000 and his Rife Ray #5 Beam Ray Clinical machine output those frequencies multiplied up, in harmonic steps, in the 3,000,000 Hertz range then knowing these frequency ranges should make it easier for people to make the correct decision.

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