Dr. Rife Virus Microscope
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The Rife Microscope Information and Blueprints page

Below are are articles about Dr. Rife's Microscopes that he built from 1920 through the 1930's. Several years ago when going through a storage facility that had some of John Crane's articles in it the blueprints for the Universal microscope were found. These blueprints were drawn by John Crane and do contain some errors since he did not fully understand how it worked. But the fact that he was a draftsman and made the blueprints makes them interesting to look at. There were other blueprints drawn by Crane, some of which were for his projection microscope. They also have been included for those who might be interested.

1. The Rife Microscope by: Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

2. The Smithsonian Report, February 1944

3. Presenting A Brief History Of The Evolution Of The Microscope, January 1954

4. Dr. Rife Talks With John Cane About His Universal Microscope

5. Ben Cullen Talks About Dr. Rife's Microscopes In 1960

6. Dr. Rife's Universal Microscope Blueprints Drawn By John Crane

7. John Crane's Projection Microscope And Blueprints

8. Dr. Rife's Microscopes and Electron Therapy Written By John Marsh

9. Principle of Parallel rays in the Universal Microscope Written by John Marsh

10. What has become of the Rife microscope by Christopher Bird

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